Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mikey likes it and more!

Last weekend you might have felt spring was in the air and you were thawing out a bit. Meanwhile AYC's Team Mikey owned by Kevin Welch and ably assisted by Ian Sloan and of course that hard workin gal at Ullman Sails, Serena were completely on fire and smoked the Melges 24 fleet in the Miami NOOD regatta posting all bullets and tossing a 6th.
No nobody finished the OIYC Shaw Island Winter Classic, no don't wanna talk about it.... Well we did have fun and the moonlight delivery home was epic. 
This weekend AYC gets into full swing with 5$ dinner, rules talk @1930 Friday night, and of course the Girts Race/Cruise on Saturday.
If you never met Girts well you missed an American Classic. Born in Latvia, escaped with help of the Red Cross, sponsored by church in Cutbank, MT. Proudest American you ever met. Loving father, terrific husband, talented sailor and wonderful humorist and musician. He would be on the start line even when cancer had him chock full of tubes and tumors, he wore enough foulies nobody knew. I'm sure this weekend he will be criticizing our mistakes as any good sailor does and be jealous he isn't there having fun too!
Here's another fun thing to do while in the frozen North this summer!

Fleet Captains, please spread the word, details including NOR coming soon!
You may have heard a rumour that the ROUND PENDER race is on again. It's true!!
Hosted by CFSA, here are a few highlights ...
  • Come one (design) ~ come all (multihull, keelboat)
  • Mark the date ~ AUGUST 19, 2017
  • Rendezvous (Port Browning), Race (Round Pender), Recreate (before and after)
  • View the attached poster
  • Stand by ~ for more info
"We may not all be in the same boat but on the water we're all on the same wavelength"
Organizing Authority
Round Pender Race  
RP Poster

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Where sailors go to meet dot com:)

I have often wondered if the general population was aware how easy it is to get on someone elses boat and eat their sandwiches and drink whatever is in the cooler. If they knew, would we have crowds at the marina each day there is a regatta? Somehow it's our little secret but in an effort to change that, we have a "Racer Rally" scheduled for Saturday @ 9am at good'ol AYC. Bring a friend or a neighbor, bring your questions and ideas for the racing program in 2017. We will discuss PHRF membership, rules, how to find crew or how to find a skipper. If you would like to help sponsor or coordinate a regatta and support our club come join us. In any case we will talk and answer questions and drink some coffee and if the weather is fair we'll go for a sail! Bring your sailing gear if you have it or ski type outdoor wear and leave it in the car. If you have a boat maybe we can introduce you to some new crew prospects if needed. If you are looking for a new ride, here is a chance. Of course if you want to help out we will find a slot for you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rules of Racing Seminar

AYC is proud to host US sailing certified judge and accomplished Northwest sailor Eric Rimkus. Eric is engaging and entertaining as well as being a stickler for the rules. If you ever wanted to be able to better understand what is happening on the race course and what your responsibilities are this is your chance. Eric will present a series of Friday night seminars:

  • January 27th 19:30 = start & weather leg (time permitting since start is the bulk and weather leg is very straight forward)
  • February 3rd 19:00 = approaching the weather mark, rounding, exiting
  • February 17th 19:00 = downwind leg (mostly rule 17 stuff since it is by far the MOST misunderstood) and leeward mark
  • February 24th 19:30 = leeward mark and finish and random questions.

All members are welcome!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Boat Show Time!

My ever lovin father and I didn't agree on much but one place we found common ground was the Seattle Boat Show. Each year we would make the annual pilgrimage and then head over to FX MCRory's for the obligatory cup of chowder. Much of the hijinks and antics that took place inside of the old Kingdome are gone put much fun remains. Hop the train in Mt Vernon and ride it straight to King St. station, walk across the parking lot and you are there. Hourly shuttles to the in the water show. Well known secret is that your favorite sailmaker or rigging shop that you patronize will be happy to leave you tickets at the "will call" window:) Goto the website for all the seminar details, job fair, special events and the like. Best prices you will see all year on most items and the seminars are entertaining and educational.
Sign up for PHRF-NW, sign up for 'Round Shaw Winter Classic, sign up for Girts Rekevics Memorial Foul Weather Race!
Save some money for chowder though:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Get in the Know!

AYC is proud to host US sailing certified judge and accomplished Northwest sailor Eric Rimkus. Eric has had a series of yachts from 24'-42' named Gladiator. His success on the race course throughout the PNW is enviable. Eric is engaging and entertaining as well as being a stickler for the rules. If you ever wanted to be able to better understand what is happening on the race course and what your responsibilities are this is your chance. Eric will present a series of Friday night seminars starting at about 7pm on Jan 27th, Feb. 3rd, 17th and 24th. Jan 27th and Feb 24th we will wait until the 5 buck nighters have their meal and are seated.

From Eric:

  • 1st night = start & weather leg (time permitting since start is the bulk and weather leg is very straight forward)
  • 2nd night = approaching the weather mark, rounding, exiting
  • 3rd night = downwind leg (mostly rule 17 stuff since it is by far the MOST misunderstood) and leeward mark
  • 4th night = leeward mark and finish and random questions.

Eric's presentations will last about an hour and then he will field questions from the audience. He will use our AV system to present everything you need to know about the new US sailing rules for 2017-2020 Thanks to one of terrific and generous AYC members admission is free. Of course we will put a seminar jar on the bar so Eric and his lovely wife Kim can maybe have a "night out" on us:)

In other news:
Seattle Boat Show jan 27th-Feb 4th Quest Events Center, save a dime take the train to King Street station it's just across the parking lot and shuttle to lake Union
Rumor has it there maybe a new BANGARANG in town
Errant Belle crew still expanding
Mikey crew headed South again to do battle in Florida
No Tomorrows looking racy for 2017

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No Greater Gift

The title might be overstating it but for the sailor that has everything and you are at a loss for ideas for Christmas gifts (Winter Holiday) surf on over to What sailor wouldn't enjoy the opportunity to test their mettle against another fellow mariner? It's not that big of deal. 55.00 in US funds by Dec 31st and fill out a little form. If you need help with measurements contact your favorite sailmaker or Colin Emsley our local club handicapper. PHRF-NW allows boats of every size and description to compete quite fairly against one another. If you have been out practicing and your boat wants for nothing and you still aren't winning you are even allowed to appeal your rating if you are not satisfied with it. Come join the fun. Renew your cert. or apply for one.
In other news:
Boat just dropped out of 'Round the World race after crashing into something and starting to break apart
Winter Solstice sail today at 1400hrs off tanker docks
Only 72 more hours till AYC opens for Friday night social

Friday, December 16, 2016

Short and cold

Dec. 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Why not make it a Sailstice instead. Plan is to meet off the tanker docks at 1400hrs and either do the classic Race around Huckleberry or head out the Guemes Channel and back. Likely retire to El Jinete afterward for a fiesta meal.
In other news:
Girts Rekevics Memorial Foulweather Race registration due up today!
Swiftsure registration opens Jan 1st
Errant Belle crew is DUE to expand
Lighted boats look classy in front of Anthony's
minus 1 in Portland, ME
Club open this evening @1730hrs
Portland, OR snowy mess
Seattle Boat Show just a month away
minus 86 on Mt Washington this morning

Monday, December 12, 2016

Light it Up

There is nothing like a sailboat all lit up to bring on the holiday spirit! Come join the fun Friday 16th/17th @ Cap Sante Marina. has been the sponsor for this seasonal event for the last several years. (I think he even has a trophy, he awards) If the weather is fair I propose we have a parade, who doesn't love a parade? Back in the day the Dickson family that ran Cap Sante Boatyard when it was located @ Cap sante where Anthony's is now located would lead a procession of fish and pleasure boats down Guemes Channel and back. There would be bonfires on the beaches of Guemes Island and crowds on the Port Docks. The Dickson's vessel was a converted minesweeper and featured Santa in his sleigh and all the reindeer doing their thing on the bow. When the weather was lively and the nights were dark it was true winter adventure to get all the boats lined up and moving at the same speed. Those of you that have been in the military probably can imagine what I'm talking about. In any case get some lights and garland in your rigging and come join the fun!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Holiday Sailing Spectacular!

The snow is falling outside, well almost, at least a flake or two. Lively delivery to Edmonds on Friday, Winds gusting to 42 kts and actually were forced backwards off Strawberry Pt. Felt like we trying to double Pt. Conception. 12hrs to cover 51 miles UGH.
Saturday the 2017 racing season kicked off with the Tacoma Yacht Club's Winter Vashon race. Capt M's better 1/2 was aboard an Evelyn 26 "Nimbus" that won overall, now she thinks she is all that:) Goto if you wanna see the kind of day most sailmakers dream about.
Talked to Capt. Welch Sunday morning as they were packing things up and running for the airport. Jeff who was driving was having back trouble all week and apparently no fun sailing with back pain....
AYC race schedule due out soon and also make your reservations for the Annual Girts Rekevic's Foul Weather Cruise/Race this year, actually next year, scheduled for Feb 25th. Lasagna dinner at SJIYC is not to be missed:)

Saturday, December 03, 2016

AYC Awards

A major congratulations is in order for 2016's AYC Boat of the Year, Wind Warrior. Boat of the Year is a performance based award and Nate, Dean, and crew certainly earned it this year with their skills on the Sound.  The guys were just as gracious in the club as they were on the race course and jumped in to help whenever something came up.  Much appreciated and thanks for your efforts. Also earning year end awards are as follows:  
-Buoy Racing Champ Fleet 2 - Kaa
-Buoy Racing Champ Fleet 3 - Wind Warrior
-Buoy Racing Champ Fleet 4 - Corvus
-Distance Racing Champ - Celebration
-AYC Representative - Big Broderna
2016 was a fantastic year of racing and I really appreciate everyone who helped make it happen.  Next year I will be stepping away as race chairman, but I'm happy to say the program will be in the hands of two people who have really helped make ours one of the best in the Puget Sound:  Andy and Stephanie Schwenk.  The first AYC race of the year won't be until February 25th, but I'm already looking forward to the legendary Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race.  Thanks again to all those involved with the race program these past three years.  Make sure to congratulate Nate and Dean on being crowned AYC Boat of the Year.
Eric Beemer, Race Chair 2016