Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Day at the Office?

If you haven't noticed - the Anacortes based BMW Oracle crew is working overtime to make sure their boat is ready for the upcoming Americas Cup race that is supposed be held sometime this year.

Team Alinghi is also working extra hard to catch up - however, unless the judge gives them more time it is really doubtful that they will be ready to race in July or October. As an additional twist, the Americas Cup Deed of Gift specifies that the vessel must be built in the country of origin - this means Alinghi must build their monster boat in Switzerland!

Team Alinghi has also been practicing in multi-hull boats. Judging by the pictures below you can see that going fast in a multi-hull has many inherent risks!

Team Alinghi Going!

Team Alinghi Nearly Gone!

Team Alinghi Gone!

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