Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post Point, Still Not My Favorite Race

I don't know what it is about Post Point, but I'm starting to think it's personal.

Nice air, seeing about 12 - 15 kts SE at the start. Found our spot coming in at the red can, set the kite and bang. Topping lift bridle on pole died, pole crashes to deck, you get the picture. Lowly Worm decides to delay their start while we go careening by sorting things out.

OK, finally get the pole flipped over using other bridle for topping, no downhaul, just twings. Guarantees it will build, right ? Make up a bunch of ground and dual w/ Celebration downwind to the mark, occasionally briefly planing. Lowly worm stays mid course. We all stay in lock step the whole run pretty much. Lost track of the rest of the fleet, somewhere behind. Seeing good pressure, high teens maybe some twenties in puffs.

Nice mark rounding for Celebration and Thumper pretty much together and start going to weather. Overpowered with blade up trying to get settled down, fairly lumpy with some big holes. Decide to tack for smoother water, last thing we see is Lowly Worm going by and then the snowstorm hits. Total white out. Can't see anything. Arguing aboard about whether the compass is working (crazy talk). Can't get the GPS to display a map. Now, we're really lost, in our own back yard.

Wait there's a faint outline of land in the distance, is it:

a) Samish
b) Guemes
c) The mainland
d) Tierra Del Fuego

Our most convincing and cocksure (his term, I now agree with half) member convinces us it is Samish, although I express serious doubts, positively convinced it is the north end of Guemes. Finally get the GPS on track and it is actually Eliza Island.

Can't see any other boats now, only our own and barely at that. Ice forms on my wool hat. I hate sailing and wish to sell my boat for $20.00. No takers.

Off we go at least heading somewhat south which has to be right ? Finally clears up and there's the rest of the fleet down by Samish on a winder. Turns out Andy got lost too, but had the good sense to follow Celebration and got on a huge winding lift down by Samish.

Wind goes lighter, but no point in a change as we are out of this one. We limp home under #3 finishing 20 minutes out and freezing. Lots of talk about San Diego, only I'm serious...

Head directly to El Jinete, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Cadillac Margaritas help, as well as the good company. Stephanie, Andy, Kevin, and Marlene are very gracious in victory. We all have a great time, so much in fact, that we promise to let them win every race if they will continue buying... Don't remember the outcome of that conversation. Learn that Marlene likes flautas (a lot) and Norm. We were all supposed to go back to the yacht club, but I got lost on the way and ended up in LaConner.

Crew determines they are all busy with other commitments until August.

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