Monday, April 28, 2008

Important Homeland Security Notice - PLEASE READ!

Associated Press April 28, 2008

Department of Homeland Security praises Thumper crew for reporting suspicious activity on the water during Guemes Island Race.

"Initially, it appeared to be a typical yacht club race. There was a fairly good turnout and most of the boats of involved in the race were well known to us. The day started normally and boats raced together out Guemes channel for the first hour or so, when I noticed some suspicious activity on a Catalina 27 that appeared to be a local boat "Syndicat". However, when the fleet turned north to round Guemes Island, this boat continued west and actually began to round Cypress Island. This was a red flag to all of us onboard that someone unfamiliar with the local waters had siezed control of the vessel. Furthermore, skipper Jerry Vanderveen could not be seen on deck, a fact which raised enough concern that we thought we better investigate." Stated Andy Schwenk (USCG extremely retired), Captain of the Cutter Blowhard.

Although it turned out to be a false alarm, Junior Petty Dress Inspector Officer Parker of U.S Customs and Border Protection Agency thanked the crew for doing their part to combat domestic terrorism and asked all AYC boats to keep a sharp lookout for these kind of anomalies.

In this case it turned out that the entire Syndicat crew was down below having a "Rum" break, plus they were using an out of date chart from Juan De Fuca's voyage prior to the discovery of Cypress Island - hence the obvious confusion.

For the full story, please refer to the Seattle Times:

Which way to go?

Guemes Island Race 2008 - which way to go? Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe boats going either way will be equally successful and we'll all meet within boatlengths at the end.

Such was not the case this year. The fleet split fairly evenly after the start, Thumper leading out Guemes channel and Wild Bill Bowman leading the way to the Huckleberry Gap. Pulelehua and Thumper dueled down the channel with Worm and Ol'yeller in hot pursuit. Pangaea and Celebration traded tacks battling for the one hulled lead out toward Hat Island.

The fleet in the channel all bunched up off the SW corner of Guemes. Alakazam rolled the dice and headed for the Cypress shore, Syndicat chased wind out that way too. Pulelehua pulled out front along the Western Guemes shore as Thumper went dead in the center of B'ham channel. All of the sudden the conversation changed to the possibility of seeing the fleet that went the other way setting kites at the Northern end as we spun out to sea down the Rosario Strait. An errant puff caught Thumper and she was able to get some current relief along the Guemes shore. Worm seemed hesitant to get too close to the shore, Gee i wonder why......

Soon a Northerly filled and the fleet was off again except for Syndicat that somehow found herself on the West side of Cypress(true story) Why is the rum always gone? Pulelehua and Thumper picked up a running gybe battle, good job Marcie who nearly wore out the foredeck. The fleets crossed west of Jack Island with that training wheel "boat" still leading the charge followed by Pangaea and Lucky Duck. There was enough wind in the bay for the Clockwisers to get home but the Channel went to greasy glass and the CCW's were forced to fire up their carbon footprints.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Waterfront Festival, May 17 - 18

Ahoy to All!!

Many of you know the Waterfront Festival is coming soon and AYC plays a great role in the venue. For the last four years we have given free boat rides to the festival visitors. This is the second most enjoyed event at the Festival, the first being the children's boat building.

Folks do come to the Festival for a hands on waterfront experience!!! Last year we gave 366 rides!!!

As always, we need both boats and volunteers:

Festival Dates: Saturday, May 17th, 9am to 6pm
Sunday May 18th, 9am to 5pm

Place: Cap Sante Marina, New Docks C and D. There will be free overnight moorage for the participating boats all weekend.

Volunteers' Barbeque at AYC Clubhouse. sponsored by AYC as a great big thank you as a great big Thank You ---- Saturday,. May 17th at 5pm

The following skippers have volunteered boats as of April 28: Mac Madenwald, Phil Case, Warren Walz, Dave Malsed, Bill Jenkins, Wayne Keuffel, Jerry Hemme, Bill Short and Eric Sorenson. Skippers should let me know by email which day are best for you. Some will both days. Please use my Anacortes email addresss,

We need more boats, first mates, and dock helpers. For the dock helpers, the shifts will be four hours, either day, morning or afternoon. Please contact me as soon as possible as I must put the schedules together and get the details out to all Volunteers. You are a great group to tke this on and we should have another terrific Festival sharing what we enjoy most.

Barbara Ritts, Coordinator:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Annual Shakedown Cruise

The weather gods smiled on the AYC Shakedown Cruise on April 11-13. The sunshine was matched by a warm welcome from the Oak Harbor Yacht Club at their usual Friday night cook-your-own-burger bash. Only two boats made the trip through the channel, but several cars made it over the Pass. On Saturday evening, cruisers shared wine and hors d’oeuvres on the dock and then went into town for dinner at Jazzbones, which is just a pleasant walk from the marina.

On the way home on Sunday, In the Mood had the shifting linkage break just as Phil and Madelyn were coming into the marina at Cap Sante. So they had to shift some stuff, and then shift out of gear before they slid into their slip. Mad & Phil were really busy for a minute, demonstrating that “shakedown” cruises can shake out some problems!

The cruisers were:
  • Phil & Madelyn Case (In the Mood)
  • Bill & Brenda Cheaqui
  • Dave & Karen Thomson
  • Marv Klinger
  • Wayne & Andra Schaub
  • Doug & Carol Hansen
  • Warren & Lori Keuffel,
  • Dave & Pat Malsed (Wildfire)
  • Maury & Helene Fink

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures from Tulip Regatta...

In case you haven't checked out the pictures in the web gallery, here are some great new ones that just came in from the Tulip Regatta...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow in April - YES!

The 2008 Hein Bank race got off to a soggy start at 0930. The current was ebbing at over 3 knots in decidedly chilly conditions - the entire fleet was so far back from the start line that they couldn't see the starting signals - not sure if it was the distance or the snowflakes!

Figuring the fleet wasn't coming, the start boat decided to start on their own and managed to be the first over the line (is this fair?), shortly followed by the rest of the fleet. The red boat had another cluster at the start and nearly managed to impale themselves on the channel marker - looked like half their crew were trying to set the kite while the other half believed they were tacking!

Most boats set their spinnaker shortly after rounding Shannon Point and then reached down Rosario Strait in ~15 knots of breeze before rounding Davidson Rock. The red boat hoisted their asymetrical kite and managed to pass the Worm and Night Runner in this leg, only to nearly lose it again by cutting inside Colville Island (bad back eddy). They managed to barely hold on to the lead and round the Hein Bank buoy first despite a stiff challenge from Night Runner.

The beat home saw numerous lead changes with the red boat and Night Runner engaging in several drag races in a shifty NE breeze, with the Worm behind in the distance. The red boat elected to short-tack in the flood current next to Burrows Island and in doing so won line honors, followed by Night Runner, the Worm and the rest of the fleet!

A great day on the water - despite the snow, hail, rain and bitter cold!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Forum Moved...

The AYC forum has been moved to its new location on our web server. We will now start working to "customize" it to our specific requirements. Note that if you setup a direct link on your desktop to the old forum it will no longer work.

You can now access the club forum through the main club website, or by using the following link:

Forum Being Moved Today...

Our AYC forum has been previously hosted using an external service. Today (Friday April 18) we will be moving it to our own web server. In conjunction with this move the forum may be unavailable for a short period of time.

The good news is that when the forum has been moved to our own server we will be able to better integrate it into the AYC website, plus possibly fix some of the annoyances that many of your have reported!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Now for Hybrid Boats...

You have all seen hybrid vehicles on the road, but get ready for hybrid boats! Several vessels are presently under development that can cruise indefinitely without using petroleum-based fuel. The source of their power is a Solar Array on the roof of the vessel which powers a battery pack and an electric drive-train technology.

When needed (such as when motoring at night) a diesel generator provides power. I suspect that we will be seeing a lot more boats with this kind of technology as fuel prices continue to climb. Check out the following link for more information....

Dse Hybrid Trawler

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More BMW / Oracle News...

Check out BMW / Oracle practicing match racing in the big trimarans. The closing speeds are tremendous along with the potential for big wrecks! Brush up on your French before watching.

Rumor has it that BMW / Oracle will be sea-trialing their monster boat here in Anacortes when they are done building it...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bring it on!

Bring your talent to the Windermere Regatta this year, and bring your friends too! And bring your boat, and bring your crew. Bring some beer, um what else....

We're planning on BIG FUN at Windermere! Friday night Karaoke, and Saturday night SKITS! We'll all draw boat names on Friday night, and skit them on Saturday night. We're planning to have several Moores visiting. Let's work on our friends from Bellingham and Orcas, and get the party going!

More later!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tulip Regatta a Success...

Twelve boats participated in this weekends Tulip Regatta. The Saturday races were graced by beautiful sunny skies and light winds from the northeast. Pangaea won both A fleet races on Saturday. Crazy Ivan and the Lowly Worm each had a first place on Saturday in B fleet; and Inferno won both C fleet races.

The winds on Sunday were nonexistent at the start, but eventually it built from the southwest and the race committee managed to start two races. In an unlikely turn of events Schussboomer won both A fleet races. Crazy Ivan won both B fleet races, and Inferno won its first race and DNF'd along with the entire C fleet in the second race in a dwindling breeze.

Immediately following the race the participants met in the club house for the race results and food. As expected Pangaea took 1st in A fleet, Crazy Ivan in B fleet, and Inferno in the C fleet. All participants were also treated to excellent video and pictures of the regatta events (soon to be posted to the web).

Many thanks to Walt Meagher, Fred Abelman and the entire team of volunteers who helped make this regatta happen!

Friday, April 11, 2008

HOT - Lawson Reef Race Video...

It has taken a couple days to get the technical side of things sort of worked out, but here are a couple of great video clips from Tom Dixon on Celebration of the sleighride during the downwind portion of the Lawson Reef Race.

This first video is of a red boat passing to windward with some occassional surfing...

This second video is of the same red boat broaching while launching their kite. Kindly enough, Celebration's recorded comments were very charitable. Just remember - the next cluster could be yours!

More bets over bottles!

And we're not talking about Jim!

Reliable sources indicate that the owner of the rigging shop at 2901 T Ave placed another bet yesterday! He bet his former secretary that he could sell 20 tickets to the Team Rekevics Relay for Life Benefit (see forums, or Andy for more details) in ONE week, and then she'd have to buy him a bottle of rum. Is this man a little too sure of his luck lately? Do we even want him in posession of the said bottle? I think if you purchase tickets from Andy this week, you should demand part or all of the rum!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Lippy Tulipy

Rumor: The undomesticated partner of a boat registered in this weekend's Anacortes Yacht Club Tulip regatta actually has wagered a bottle of Baileys that his wife and her crew will place higher in her class standings than the boat of his business underling. Could this be true? Is it legal? Or is he just trying to gain graces with his wife? Weigh in with any information pertaining to this gossip... such as: just how much weight was removed from that boat's keel this week?

Shape of Things to Come...

By the looks of things the 33rd Americas Cup will consist of a race between two monster trimarans. This is BMW's training session in L'Orient last week, with the chartered Banque Populaire and Groupama 2 playing chicken. Some more pictures here. Based on what we see it looks like Valencia is where the race will be held, and as to when we will have to wait for the court ruling.

Come to the AYC general meeting Friday night and perhaps Tim Smyth of Core Builders (BMW/Oracle America's Cup Syndicate) will leak some details about what their entry might look like, plus while you are there you can register for the Tulip Regatta!

And you think you are anxious...

Wisconsin sailor Jim Campbell couldn't wait to go sailing in his Laser - so much so that he couldn't wait - despite the fact that much of Lake Kegonsa was still iced over! There are more shots here, thanks to Karly Campbell!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rough Day on the Water...

And you think Davidson Rocks can get rough with a strong westerly and a big ebb - check out this video of an aircraft carrier getting slammed by 60' waves... This makes me really wonder what the long-term effects are of leaving a helicopter on the foredeck in this kind of weather?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Fun Race III - Wed April 9 - 1830

Don't forget the Fun Race this Wednesday night at 1830 - no certificates or race packets required - just some casual racing followed by $3 burgers at the AYC clubhouse. The race starts off the refinery docks - see you there!

Earthquake in Admiralty Inlet

Breaking News!!!!
Lowly Worm competed in the Blakely Rock Benefit Regatta sponsored by the Sloop Tavern. This race chooses a new charity every year in this case the Ballard Food Bank. The first mark Blakely Rock is located at the Southern end of Bainbridge Island, there were six Moores entered. Steph was in hot pursuit of the three lead Moores when apparently some tectonic plate action actually shifted the mark thus causing it to contact Lowly's keel. This geologic anomaly of course has not been confirmed by any governmental sources but as a co-owner I know better than to question estrogen..... It is likely with the new keel configuration we can apply for a new rating to go with it. It didn't seem to improve performance but Lowly held on for 4th in blustery conditions.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lawson Reef Race Report...

The 2008 Lawson Reef Race started on time at 0930 with approximately 12 boats in attendance. The wind at the start was from the south at around 12 knots, but was constantly shifting. The start was extremely tricky as the current was running approximately 3.5 knots toward the line, making is very easy to be over early.

Both Syndicat and Night Runner were nearly over early, but wisely tacked around to stall for time. Night Runner won the start followed by the entire fleet. Nearly all boats went outside the Shannon Point mark (avoiding the big back eddy) and then started beating south down Rosario Strait.

The winds in Rosario Strait were from the SE at ~25 knots with the seas relatively lumpy given the strong ebb current. During the upwind beat many boats downshifted to smaller head sails and/or reefed their main. At one point Night Runner went headless, costing them a couple of places. Hesitation Zero retired at this stage - probably due to the building conditions.

The first boat to the Lawson Reef buoy was Kinetic Ki, followed by Celebration, Schussboomer (start boat), then Night Runner and finally Thumper and the rest of the pack. All boats ran northwest to the #2 buoy and then jibed for the northeast run home. Given the strong winds and fast passage times, the sea was quite lumpy northbound with Schussboomer surfing to 11-12 knots at times on the big waves.

Northbound in Rosario many boats were faced with the tough decision about whether to fly their kites or not. Schussboomer was the first to try and spectacularly wiped out when their pole downhaul slipped aft sending their pole to the moon - they did however manage to keep the boat moving while performing a panic leeward recovery of their kite (the video of this hopefully will be posted later courtesy of Celebration). Night Runner was the next to try, and managed to create a total cluster which took a considerable amount of time to sort out until they gave up. Next was Celebration who managed to pull off a relatively clean set - even though the wind shifted around forcing them to take it down quickly. This whole time Kinetic Ki was screaming along at 18-20 knots smoking the rest of the fleet without a kite!

The first mono-hulls reached the Shannon Point mark at around 1210 with Schussboomer in the lead, followed by Celebration and Night Runner. Night Runner shifted gears to a larger headsail and made a run on Schussboomer. Schussboomer stayed with their #2 genoa and elected to play the puffs to the finish. By working hard, Schussboomer managed to hold off Night Runner who managed to slip by Celebration in the process.

Kinetic Ki was the first the finish, followed by Schussboomer, Night Runner, Celebration and then Thumper. The balance of the fleet was over the horizon and finished much later. All things considered, a great morning on the water in some moderately challenging conditions. Results are up with Kinetic Ki being the overall winner and Celebration a close second. Great job racers!

Celebration in the Reach Home

Friday, April 04, 2008

Raymarine being sold?

We don't normally report on the stock market, but we couldn't resist passing on this news item - Raymarine recently informed the London Stock Market that it had received a preliminary approach that may or may not lead to a full takeover.

At this stage the company is not commenting further therefore it is not yet known if the interested party is a trade or private equity buyer. Possible trade buyer names being put forward include Simrad, Garmin or Furuno. Current market capitalisation of RayMarine is estimated at £200 million.

What this means to those of you with Raymarine gear we are not sure - it would seem to us that Garmin would be the best fit to us given 1) Garmins lack of a decent radar and marine instrumentation; and 2) the amount of product overlap between Raymarine and Simrad/Furuno.

Just our 2-cents! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

3110 Floats and Counting...

If you haven't heard about it - there is a very interesting research project called Argo which consists of a global array of 3,000+ free-drifting floats that measure the temperature and salinity of the upper 6,000 ft of the oceans. Argo deployments started in 2000 and were completed in November of 2007.

Each autonomous probe is programmed to sink to a depth of more than a mile, then drift in total darkness for nine days — much deeper than submarines typically go. Every 10th day, the probes ascend, collecting temperature and salinity measurements as they go. At the surface, they transmit their data, then descend to start the cycle anew.

So why the research? The data collected represents the first time we have been able to continuously monitor of the temperature, salinity, and currents of the upper ocean, with all data being relayed and made publicly available within hours after collection. This information will be invaluable in learning how the earth's climate works and in the creation of long-term climatic models.

Check out the following link for more information.

Worldwide Argo Float Positions

Message in a bottle...

Willie Bunce of Stanwood was steering a tug pushing gravel barges on the Snohomish River when a deckhand spotted a bottle floating under the US 2 trestle. They hauled it in, broke open the bottle and read the note inside - read the rest of this touching story in the Everett Herald, here.