Monday, April 28, 2008

Which way to go?

Guemes Island Race 2008 - which way to go? Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe boats going either way will be equally successful and we'll all meet within boatlengths at the end.

Such was not the case this year. The fleet split fairly evenly after the start, Thumper leading out Guemes channel and Wild Bill Bowman leading the way to the Huckleberry Gap. Pulelehua and Thumper dueled down the channel with Worm and Ol'yeller in hot pursuit. Pangaea and Celebration traded tacks battling for the one hulled lead out toward Hat Island.

The fleet in the channel all bunched up off the SW corner of Guemes. Alakazam rolled the dice and headed for the Cypress shore, Syndicat chased wind out that way too. Pulelehua pulled out front along the Western Guemes shore as Thumper went dead in the center of B'ham channel. All of the sudden the conversation changed to the possibility of seeing the fleet that went the other way setting kites at the Northern end as we spun out to sea down the Rosario Strait. An errant puff caught Thumper and she was able to get some current relief along the Guemes shore. Worm seemed hesitant to get too close to the shore, Gee i wonder why......

Soon a Northerly filled and the fleet was off again except for Syndicat that somehow found herself on the West side of Cypress(true story) Why is the rum always gone? Pulelehua and Thumper picked up a running gybe battle, good job Marcie who nearly wore out the foredeck. The fleets crossed west of Jack Island with that training wheel "boat" still leading the charge followed by Pangaea and Lucky Duck. There was enough wind in the bay for the Clockwisers to get home but the Channel went to greasy glass and the CCW's were forced to fire up their carbon footprints.

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