Thursday, May 01, 2008

Americas Cup Update...

If you couldn't make it you missed a great evening with Tom Ehman discussing the various issues and challenges associated with the running of the 33rd Americas Cup. Speaking to a PACKED house in Washington State's oldest yacht club (our very own AYC), Tom provided a short history of the Cup and how the event has changed over the years.

Tom spoke about the Deed of Gift Challenge being waged by the BMW/Oracle team and the various risks associated with such an endeavor. Based on his carefully worded comments(plus what we know locally but not from him), they are building one big mother multi-hull (most likely a trimaran) and that they will be testing it here in Anacortes (the cranes were placing the docks today).

This will clearly be one of the fastest and most expensive racing yachts ever constructed, and it is happening right on our doorstep! Stay tuned...

BMW / Oracle Training with an X40 Catamaran

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