Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Presumptive Rubber Ducky Award Nominee...

In case you missed it, tonights race was very memorable on two counts - the first being the variable winds; and the second being that we had our first Rubber Ducky Award Presumptive Nominee of the season...

From our distant vantage point it appeared that a certain unnamed vessel rounded the leeward mark into a header and crash tacked, dumping our much beloved Commodore over the side. Recovery turned out to be difficult and required the assistance of the chase boat in order to effect a timely retrieval!

Unfortunately for the certain unnamed vessel the rules clearly state that you have to finish with the same crew that you started, so they were DSQ'd much to their surprise! There is however some controversy over this as the crew insists that the rules don't apply to situations when a crew member wants to leave the boat, especially when they are the Club Commodore!

Sound's like we need to get the protest committee warmed up for this one - could be ugly!

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