Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Fireworks Display (NOT A JOKE)....

Based on information we have just learned from John Curtis who manages the annual Anacortes 4th of July fireworks event, this will likely be the LAST official fireworks show in Anacortes. There were rumors to this effect several years ago, but those were primarily related to lack of funding - the funding issue has been resolved thanks to the City of Anacortes stepping.

This time the problem is that due to "Homeland Security" issues large fireworks (can you say explosives) cannot be imported without very strict security measures. It is as a result of these new security measures that it is prohibitively expensive to import large fireworks (John says around $500 per shell) so the Chinese (who make nearly all our fireworks) have decided not to export to the US anymore!

As a result tyhe 2008 July 4th event may very well be the last official fireworks show in Anacortes....

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