Monday, May 26, 2008

On your mark, set, drop anchor

Conversation heard at Swiftsure 2008:
"Ahoy there Pa, if we're racing why are we anchored?"
"Well son that's a good question. Frankly though when you've been out here in this whale pasture as long as I have you'll learn to hush up and watch us experts in racing tactics and strategery do our thing. Now unscramble the drifter sheets, fend off that boat that has lost steerage in the current, and light up a smoke to check the breeze, be quick about it!"
Yes, the big daddy Drift/Swiftsure offered all this and more. In podium finishes here's the rundown:
Grafix skippered by Tom Gilbert was the big winner in the Clallam Bay Race, Handyman skippered by Neil Lhor held on for second, new AYC member sailed Chris White sailed Crazy Ivan to second, Alakazam with Dr. Paul Bergman was third, Doug Fryer got Night Runner up for a third as well in the classic Lightship Race.
Seattle Yacht Club had more division winners (read more$$$$) but AYC easily brought home more hardware overall than any other club! Congratulations also go out to Passepartout, Seeker, and Schussboomer for hanging in there in this tricky race.
The wind was light off the start and only a few boats were able to escape through Race Rocks before the great flushing sound was heard. Over 40 boats were anchored when Handyman arrived to watch boat after boat spin through the current and bounce off rocks. When the wind did fill from the West Saturday evening the race was warm and fast. We rounded Clallam Bay and maintained an over hullspeed run all the way home. The usual camaraderie was enjoyed and all are looking forward to next year.

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