Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Update from Passepartout...

Here is the Monday, June 23 update from Passepartout at the following position -

47 35’ 59.96 N
125 14’ 20.04 W
1.6 knots
140 degrees

From Pete & the rest of the crew of Passepartout by satellite e-mail -

"The aft head failed a few minutes before the start (heads only fail when they are full). We had good wind (20 to 30 knots from the west) for the first day. We found two holes in our #2 jib caused by a stanchion. Worse we suffered a 4 ft tear in the leach of our main. There was so much water flying around we couldn't get tape to stick to the sail very well so we hand stitched it. It seems to be holding but it makes us nervous. Both of our dorade vents (fwd and aft) were turned forward and we did not think about the effect. Three bunks took a lot of seawater before we discovered the problem.

We followed Turicum all day. We could stay with them but we couldn't pass them without our main. We rounded Duntz Rock about 9:30 PM at the start of the ebb. Seeker and Blackwatch are behind us (we could see them most of the day yesterday but we could only see Turicum this morning.

Right now we are about 32 miles west of Destruction Island with our #2 Symetrical spinnaker up (the largest we have - our #1 is not legal for racing so it is not on board) We have 2.8 kts of wind from the west. We are thinking of auditioning for "The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner."

Passepartout needs 15 kts of wind to be competitive. We are searching the weather charts for a gale."

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