Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Breaking News - Half Way Party

This report just came in from the intrepid Passepartout and Captain Pete from somewhere in the Pacific halfway between here and Hawaii -

We had our 1/2 way party at noon today. Andy, what a great box. I recognize many of the faces but I wish I knew more of the bodies! The music is great - especially "I'm not trash but I 'm not first class." It fits our American values.

It is 1072 miles to the finish line. We have 18 kts of wind on the starboard beam and we are doing 8 kts SOG. We have 9 days and 12 hours before the race times out. The high west of Maui could move east in the next few days and surround Hwaii with the same wind Strum is experiencing right now (none). If that happens it is possible that no boats will finish. What a terrible ending to a great race that would be.

I just plotted the latest positon reports (day 10). It is obvious that we cannot take any competitor lightly. Seeker is still the big threat but Turicum is trying to do us like we are trying to do Seeker. We need every 1/10th of a knot we can get.

The seas are down to 2-1/2 meters. That is a blessing.

Pete & Crew

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