Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Day at Sea - Passepartout Day 18

Here is the latest report just in from Captain Pete and the crew of Passepartout...

114 miles to the finish line. The last two days have been very nice cruising days. Mostly sunny with occaisional squalls. The squalls bring good wind but theyqalso bring rain so the set of a scramble to get the hatches closed. Right now it is 78 F on deck and 87 F below - that is why we want the hatches open.

We had the last of our eggs for breakfast this morning. We are looking forward to a dock party for breakfast tomorow. Our ETA at the finish line is 0800 Hawaiian Standard Time. We are looking forward to seeing all the friends we made in Lahaina two years ago and especailly the Becklunds.

In 2006 Patti Link made a great CD of photos of all the boats finishing and thier parties. I hope she does that again. It really was special. See what happens, Patti? You do somehting nice for people then you never get out of it.

Right now we have 13 kts of wind from ENE and we are making 6.5 ktd SOG under a big spinnaker. There were several suggestions about 0700 this morning that we keep going after Maui - after all Tahiti isn't far so I guess our attitudes aren't all bad. Clay continues to steal as much helm time form everyone else as he can. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns off the autopilot on his watch to save electricity. Marlene says she will miss cooking on an angle and our sunset dinner cruises.

I think we have the watermaker working properly but now the oven doesn't light. If it isn't one thing it is another.

It is important to have everything working because we are counting on a short turn around then sailing back to Anacortes. The weather looks considerbly more challenging going home than it did coming. We can use our engine and the autopilot going home but we only carry enough fuel for about 700 miles of motoring and the great circle distance is just over 2300 miles. So, there will be a lot of sailing wind or not. Pete, Clay, Kris and Frank will bring the boat back.

This is our last status report. Thanks to all of you who have been watching us and reading about us. I hope you had as much fun as we are having - without the barfing, the gales and the 87 F below deck but also withoukt Marlene's food, good wine and good conversation. Both the race and the delivery home are adventures that will stick with us forever.

Pete & Crew

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