Sunday, July 06, 2008

Passepartout Status Report - Day 14

We just received this update from Passepartout and thought we would pass it along...

We made lousy progress on day 13. The wind was a little stronger than it had been but still very light. Turicum and Seeker both gained on us. The three days of light wind have dashed our hopes of beating Strum on corrected time and have made our chances of beating Turicum on corrected time pretty dim. It also gives Seeker a real chance to beat us on corrected time. That is all pretty depressing for us.

But, the wind has picked up smartly (13 to 15 Kts) and we are on a very nice spinnaker run. It looks like we will be able to hold this course almost to the finish. 589 miles to go as of this writing. The crew is getting along well - there is quite a bit of laughing and not very much arguing. That Spanish red I entioned last night is especailly good. We are working on a case of that. It hs pretty much turned the entire crew into wine drinkers.

We have used the spinnkaer so little on this race that we forgot we had a spinnaker net. After the second wrap (1 to 1-1/2 hours and a lot of hard work to unwrap the spionnaker each time) we remebered the net. It has saved us from a third wrap already.

As I write this the crew on deck is reminising about the gale. They now can say they were on the foredeck in a 44kt gale (That is actually just about to become a storm). It is great to have bragging rights. I don't think anyone wants to repeat the experience though.

We just turned the boiler on for the first time since the "Fix It" operation. It works! Thanks Fred for the email help. Right now it is 75 on deck and sunny (6:35PM Hawaii time) and 84 down below. For us northwesterners who think 65 is warm a shower sounds pretty good.

Pete & Crew

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