Monday, July 07, 2008

The Sage Continues - Passepartout Day 16

This is just in from Captain Pete and crew on Passepartout - they are 358 miles from Maui, but the wind is light. If you want to track their progess and that of the rest of the fleet you can use this link. Read on...

The wind was great for most of the last day - 15 to 22 kts behind us so we could carry our largest spinnaker. We coverd quite a bit of distance - 358 miles to finish. But, the wind turned very light at the beginning of the last watch (0200 Hawaii Time). Our progress since than has been terrible. The weather charts show 10 kts or less for 1000 miles North and East of Hawaii lasting at least for the next 4 days. If the charts prove correct we might not finish at all. The race times out at midnight on July 10.

We have had a lure out for most of the trip and we say Mahi Mahi jump last night but we have not caught anyhting. We are prepared with wasabi and saki just in case.

The food is getting down to basics but marlene manged to dish up eggs, cheese, potatoes and bacon all scrambled together for breakfast today. Marlene is still doing an amazing job considering what she has to work with. We are on our last roll of paper towels. There is still plenty of rum and wine. We are keeping the water full with only one pump but we have to run it very often. We are having trouble keeping the refrigerator as cold as we would like but the freezer is staying very cold. We could have brought ice cream and still be eating it today. It looks like the refrigerator top (the door) will get new weather stripping in Maui.

The crew is getting along great. We now know enough about each other to make much more clever jokes than earlier in the trip.

The only depressing part is the lack of any wind. Since the dead zone surrounds Maui there is no navigating that will fix the problem.

Pete & Crew

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