Sunday, August 17, 2008

AYC "Permanent" Race Marks Approved...

Thanks to Ed Kennedy's tireless work since November of 2007, today the club received approval from Skagit County for the proposed AYC Race Marks!

We already have approval from US Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers and WA Dept of Natural Resources. The County however has ignored our plea for fee waiver & request for refund of fee. We now are waiting only for approval from WA Fish & Wildllife. We have been told that they will approve after Skagit approves, so before long, (a few weeks?) we may have ALL the necessary approvals in place!

Meanwhile Ed Clauson has been working 0n the actual marks and within a week or so they should be ready to set. The fixed marks consist of a very large PVC pipe that floats vertically in the water attached to a large concrete anchor. The pipe is light green in color and has a reflective stripe around the top.

Once we have ALL the necessary approvals and the marks are constructed we will be holding a "mark setting party". Hopefully this will happen before the last bouy racing series of the year! Stay tuned for updates!

PS - if you are new to this subject, the club has been seeking to install permanent seasonal marks in Fidalgo Bay in order to make it easier for the race committee to set race courses and give us more options. We are presently using a number of aids to navigation as marks, plus adding temporary marks when needed - but this presents many challenges when attempting to set a true windward / leeward course due to the limited number of options.

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