Monday, August 25, 2008

Deed of Gift Monster Launched...

In case you have been completely cut off from civilization - BMW/Oracle Racing spashed their new monster tri today right here in Anacortes! There is no doubt that this thing will haul ass... Rumor has it that it should hit 45+ knots and that they will be test sailing it for about a month here in Anacortes. The current mast is the smallest of the three that they will be using and the BMWO racing team is coming to town to go for a ride.

The test sails apparently will be conducted from Lovrics followed by a whole fleet of BMWO chase boats. There is still a great deal of uncertainty whether they will be racing the AC Defender Alinghi, but for now they will have to be content with having one of the coolest (and most expensive) racing yacht on the planet...

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