Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Permit for Fixed Marks...

Thanks to the hard work of Ed Kennedy, today we received the final permit for seasonal fixed marks. This permit is for a period of five (5) years and will have to be renewed in 2013 (which hopefully will be less of a challenge). Copies of the permit were delivered to the AYC Board last night.

Some of the key conditions of the various permits are as follows:
  1. The Coast Guard permit describes location, color, (White with yellow reflective tape, and Black markings). The eight marks are to be lettered to match the cardinal compass points in large letters, and have some additional small wording for ownership and to indicate they are not mooring buoys.
  2. The Corps of Engineers permit includes a scheme for anchor rode counterweight that should minimize fouling with keels and should help keep the anchor rode off the bottom during low tides. This was required to minimize environmental impact on adjacent sea floor critters & eel grass. They also want the anchor left in place year round although we remove the marks during the off-season, end of October to April 1. The location of the anchors during the off season with a small crab-pot-float on a short line to surface only at low tide.
  3. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife permit requires the anchors be set with diver-directed placement to minimize damage to eel grass. They also require an intermediate float on the anchor rode at the 1/3 length and a total length of the anchor rode of 120% of the depth at highest tide. They also require adding their permit number to the wording on the buoys.

So now you have it...

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