Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Fond Farewell to Wednesday Night Racing 2008

Wednesday night racing came to a wild end September 24th. The rain stopped and wind built all evening for a fun-filled last night out on the bay. 8 boats came out to play on the last night. Pangaea was out first, ready to go, as well as Kinetic Ki. Boats started at the fuel dock and sailed downwind around an anchored tanker and back to the finish (except Bill, who went twice!). Split Arrow gave Pangaea a run for the money, Scott and Colin stayed together, and Kymodoce and Syndicat kept each other company. Bill was in his own little world out there. Am I forgetting someone? That sounds like 7 out there. We did our best to pelt the racers with chocolate, and got some great shots of Bill putting out a rooster tail of foam. Tim and the Split Arrow crew made some fantastic chili and Keith Stone made a bunch of home-made cornbread. Yum! The night ended with the jammy fashion show. Jerry made us all blush as he was once again awarded the "Teddy", Laurie charmed us as "the Belle of the Ball", and Mac was our "Vixen" of the evening, bringing home the Hornitas tequila. Be on the lookout for some Winter Fun Wednesdays. Chime in on the forum if you have suggestions!

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