Monday, October 06, 2008

Supplemental Instructions - Viti Rocks Pursuit Race

Here are the supplemental instructions just posted for the Viti Rocks Pursuit Race:

Viti Rocks Pursuit Race
Supplemental Instructions
Race Date: October 11, 2008

Pursuit Race

A pursuit race is where boats are started in reverse order of their PHRF handicap rating (slowest boats first). Each boat’s starting time is calculated based on their PHRF rating and the length of the course.

Boats place in the order they finish, and if you are passing a boat you are beating that boat.

Supplemental Rules

The boat finishing first will stay on station and record the order of subsequent finishers. This duty may be handed off to another boat (with their agreement) at any time, but only one list of boats and their finishing order will be kept and submitted to the race committee.

Boats over early *may* be hailed on VHF channel 72, and may exonerate themselves by restarting at or later than their assigned start time.


Per 2008 Race Packet, start between R2 and refinery pier, Leave G9 south of Viti Rocks to Starboard, finish between R2 and refinery pier.

Assigned Starting Times (based on a 17 nautical mile course)

Boat PHRF Start Time
Kymodoce 226 09:30:00
Handyman 221 09:31:25
Syndicat 221 09:31:25
Lucky Duck 203 09:36:31
Barking Mad 198 09:37:56
Tryst 186 09:41:20
Thunderstruck 183 09:42:11
Zig Zag 171 09:45:35
Solitaire 158 09:49:16
Thumper 143 09:53:31
Celebration 142 09:53:48
Hesitation Zero 135 09:55:47
Jah Mon 112 10:02:18
Pangaea 106 10:04:00
Grafix 93 10:07:41
Slapper 89 10:08:49
Schussboomer 81 10:11:05
No Tomorrows 73 10:13:21
Kinetic Ki 46 10:21:00

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