Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Round The County Results...

The 2008 Round the County Results are in - congratulations to the AYC fleet who took two first places, two second places, a third, fourth and a 3rd overall...

Division X Results
Icon - 3rd place / 3rd overall

Division 0 Results
Teddy Bear - 4th place / 10th overall
Ula Koa - DNF (blew main out before start)

Division I
Grafix - 1st place / 21st overall

Division II
Crazy Ivan - 2 place / 25th overall
Pangaea - 4th place / 28th overall
Alakazam - 8th place / 47th overall

Division III
Thumper - 1st place / 16th overall
Celebration - 3rd place / 19th overall

Note that Celebration's finish position has been revised due to an adjustment in the amount of redress given them because of their assistance to Betty Boop who lost their rudder near Cattle Pass on Sunday. Initially Jim Bottles requested and the race committee granted 36 minutes to Celebration. However after further review Jim Bottles recalculated his estimate of time lost and submitted a request that requested that his redress be reduced to 16 minutes due to forward progress made during the time they were towing Betty Boop. The race committee granted his request for a reduction in the redress time and have rescored the race.

I don't know about you - but in my book Jim and the Celebration Team get a Corinthian First Place for their actions both on the water and with the race committee! Well done!

Check out the following link for the updated race results...


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