Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Preferred Deferred Membership

Thanks to the original Lowlysangel, now Wildangel to go with her new ride (Stephanie Schwenk), the board has agreed in principle to a new way of paying for membership. If you have a friend or prospective member that is interested in joining good ol AYC but finds the initiation costs a bit onerous.... fear not help has arrived. Steph is checking with the bank to work out a direct deposit program to relieve bookkeeping responsibilities for a pay as you go membership. Yearly dues of $150 are still due (as with all members), but the initiation fee and stock purchase can be paid monthly, instead of up front. Perhaps a low monthly fee 35.00? With some limits on club privleges, rentals and such until full payment is received. Many thanks to the AYC board for considering and accepting the proposal, all at the same meeting! Merry Christmas everyone!

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