Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ice Cream at Sea...

Just received the following from our illustrious commodore deep in the Pacific...

They are now in the wind, sailing quite fast. The swells are rolly and 12 feet or so in height; they are approximately 500 miles out and expect to travel 150 miles per day. He was taking a "rain shower" bath on deck as he was finding a signal to call me.

They encountered a 100 foot sailboat today. When they saw the boat they radioed and asked if they had any ice cream? Of course they did! They pulled up along side and delivered a quart of strawberry ice cream; what a treat.

A small Great White shark was hovering about and gave the boys quite a show by jumping 6 feet in the air at least 6 times. Jerry's observation is that the Pacific is very large, very solitary and a very beautiful indigo blue. All are getting along well, having a great time; Jerry's voice sounded happy, relaxed and strong.

More to come...

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