Sunday, March 01, 2009

Foul Weather Race - Fun Was Had by All...

For those of you that missed it the club had a great running of the Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race to Friday Harbor this last Saturday. The conditions were light at the start with the pin being favored. The entire fleet got off to a great start led by Icon, Grafix and the Wild Rumpus. The transit down Guemes Channel was aided by the strong ebb current, but the fun quickly ended at the south end of Cypress with a big wind hole.

Several boats went way south to avoid it, while others tried to drift through. Passepartout made a gutsy move and decided to head through Peavine pass while the rest of the fleet collected in Thatcher Pass. The entire fleet sat drifting around for several hours at Thatcher Pass against an adverse current in no wind. Pangea provided some excitement by running aground not once but twice trying to cut inside the mark.

Eventually Wild Rumpus, Grafix and Icon were able to escape by sticking to the beach on the south side of the pass and then made a fast passage to Upright Head with Icon in the lead followed by Grafix and then Wild Rumpus. By then the wind filled in and the rest of the Thatcher Pass prisoners were able to escape. At the Lopez ferry terminal Icon had to give way to the ferry and nearly relinquished her lead to Grafix, but the big loser was Wild Rumpus who at the last minute had to turn around (with a kite up no less) when the ferry abruptly decided to depart the terminal. It looked like Wild Rumpus lost the race with this incident as many boats were able to pass them.

Once rounding Upright Head the Iconians finally got their #$%&*@ together and put up their big kite and quickly disappeared over the finish line followed 20 minutes later by Grafix, Pangea, Son of Raven and Blackfoot.

The big winner of the day was Syndicat who managed to hold off the Wild Rumpus by 0:6:57 (corrected time) and win this years trophy. Following the race there was a wild party at Downriggers, but like they say - "What happens in Friday Harbor, stays in Friday Harbor"...

Here are the preliminary race results which are pretty consistently ranked in reverse order by PHRF rating (funny how things work sometimes)...

1 Syndicat 221 9:30:00 15:52:15 6:22:15 5:35:18
2 Wild Rumpus 158 9:30:00 15:27:00 5:57:00 5:42:15
3 Blackfoot 152 9:30:00 15:30:07 6:00:07 5:48:20
4 Celebration 142 9:30:00 15:31:14 6:01:14 5:54:41
5 Handyman 221 9:30:00 16:18:10 6:48:10 5:58:02
6 Grafix 93 9:30:00 15:10:56 5:40:56 6:01:31
7 Pangea 106 9:30:00 15:21:30 5:51:30 6:04:59
8 Passepartout 112 9:30:00 16:25:44 6:55:44 7:07:34
9 Son of Raven 10 9:30:00 15:24:34 5:54:34 7:14:51
10 Icon -69 9:30:00 14:54:18 5:24:18 7:47:24
11 Little Annie 209 9:30:00 DNF
12 Ol Yeller 158 9:30:00 DNF

Finally, here is a short collection of video clips taken by the Iconians as they managed to come in last place is a fine showing of skill & expertise...

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