Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling Lucky?

The joy of cooking is currently ready to share with our yacht club friends. Racers please have a look at the Racing section of the website, and then go to Cooking. You'll see a job description (including "if all else fails call Steph and Andy") and scroll down for cooking assignments. The plan is for you to receive a couple reminder emails before the actual night of cooking, and while the email goes to the owner/skipper of the boat, the shopping and cooking is fair game for any crewmember, wife, husband, SO, neighbor, you get the idea... If you need help with the shopping, call Steph or Andy in advance. If you and/or your crew cannot cook that night, it is your job to find someone else to cover for you. Maybe someone will swap with you! Really, I think most people have cooked, but if you haven't I promise it is fun and you'll meet someone new.

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