Sunday, April 12, 2009

Solid Performance

The Big Blue Boat, "ICON", was the sole AYC entrant in 2009 Southern Straits Regatta out of West Vancouver Yacht Club. She faced a star studded class including Olympic class champions, Americas Cup sailors, and many National and International class champs. Winds were light off Dundrave pier at the start, but there was plenty of current too keep things interesting. Within the hour she was hull down on the horizon from my 4kt vantage point so we we will have to wait for a full report from Mistaken. I can tell you this, she had 2nd place to Braveheart a customized TP 52 until a couple smalll boats slipped in to drop her to fourth. Well Done AYC members including our Commodore Jerry, Big Rich, Slightly Sundholm, and if I sat here long enough probably others.....

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