Monday, May 25, 2009

Stories from Swiftsure....

AYC clearly had great attendence at Swiftsure with eleven boats participating. As expected there was adverse current in light winds at the start with a wild dash to make it through the Race before the door was slammed shut.

Most boats opted to immediately head over to the US side and short-tack the beach up to the Cape. The further west the boats went the heavier swell and higher winds they experienced. Several boats retired in this leg due to the lumpy conditions and gear failure.

Conditions were predicatably lumpy at the bank with the returning boats picking a side for the return trip. The later you picked a side the worse you did. Unfortunately there was a strong ebb in the Race for the return trip and many boats ended up getting parked for several hours until the current subsided.

The run to the finish inside Ogden Point was predictably unpredictable with those boats going wide and reaching up to the finish gaining considerable ground. Back at the dock there were many tired and wet sailors complete with numerous tall stories!

Below is a picture of the blue sled from AYC absolutely nailing the start! Stay tuned for more lies and sea stories as the fleet trickles in...

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