Friday, July 31, 2009

ClubHouse Expansion - Comments Wanted!

Anacortes Yacht Club Members

EDITORS NOTE - the following is a topic being discussed at the board level and you are invited to join in using our on-line forum plua an informal poll - you can join in by following this link!

The City of Anacortes will not allow our clubhouse to be expanded or any increase of capacity if we are not adding bathrooms to meet the current codes: therefore this first step is to add the necessary bathrooms.

The past expansion vote convinced the AYC Board that the membership did not want to go into debt, but many members stated that the club needed to be expanded (kitchen, bathrooms, deck & or main activity room). Activities this past 9 months have reminded us of our need to readdress this situation. The $3.00 Night and General Meetings have out grown the dining space & the success of the Tulip and Windermere Regattas have out grown the club.

The AYC board has chosen to look into a 1st step by developing a set of plans for a bathroom addition. These plans have been bid and permits are in place for the first stage of resolving our overcrowded conditions (see the attached plans and rendering).

This seems like an opportune time to do this step—i.e. The economy has created lower construction costs, many contractors are very interested in this project, the project can be completed in less than 30 days, plus we can accomplish all this while retaining a majority of our funds for future needs.

Our solicitation is to find out if the AYC general members agree or disagree that the board should spend some of our funds (NO debt) to cover the cost for this project.

The City of Anacortes officials have stated that this solution will allow AYC to add any future project once the bathrooms are completed.

Please comment by the AYC forum, AYC blog, e-mail or phone to any AYC Board members. We want your feedback, it is your club.

AYC Board
Rear Commodore
Phil Case

Attached are two exhibits which describes the proposed project:

Exhibit #1 - Proposed Floor Plan
Exhibit #2 - Exterior Sketch

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