Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi racers- we're trying to get the word out... tell all your racer friends... we will race on Wednesday. We don't remember why it was never on the schedule (other than PITCH, which we hope everyone is planning to go to also!) but anyway, we are racing. It's going to start getting cold and dark on Wednesday nights, so let's get out there while it's still good.

6:00 start (that's earlier), reverse order: C&D, then B, then A.... you finish where you finish

And it's Biker/ Oyster Run night. Wear all your biker stuff for a special prize and have some oysters after the race.

See you then!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

N100 Awards Party...

All boats have finished the race and the final race results have been posted. Awards will be given out tonight at 18:00 Sunday, Aug 30th (tonight) at the AYC clubhouse. The BBQ will be running and beverages will be served.

N100 Race Participants

SC 27's at the Start

N100 - All Boats In...

As of 12:00 noon on Sunday, August 30 all boats have completed the N100, although we still need finish times for the following boats:

  • Slightly Ripped
  • Freeflyte

Preliminary finish results with the latest updates are on the web - contragulations to all who participated - great race!

N100 Boats Still Out There...

All boats from the N100 have arrived home safely with the exception of the following who have either not finished yet or have not reported in with their finish times:
  • Psycho Duck
  • Slightly Ripped
  • Wind Song
  • Freeflyte
  • Calypso
Anyone knowing if these boats have finished or having any additional information about these boats is requested to contact the race organizers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Northern Century Results...

The Northern Century got off to a great start Friday night under cloudy skies and a weak low pressure system which brought moderate southeasterly winds. The double-handed division left first at 19:30 with 9 boats, followed at 19:40 with 5 boats.

Given the excellent winds and favorable currents boats started finishing as early as 8:00 am this morning. Some boats are still on the course and more will be finishing shortly. Boats already in are:
  • Icon
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • White Cloud
  • Manana
  • Stranger
Wild Rumpus and Giant Slayer are within 30 minutes of the finish line. Since most boats won't be able to stay around for the get together Sunday evening at 18:00, we are working on seeing if we can open the club tonight - check back here for updates.

You can also check for the results here...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Final Northern Century Sailing Instructions...

The final Northern Century (N100) sailing instructions have been completed and can be accessed under race registration or here. The changes made are as follows:

Grant automatic exception of PIYA rules 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3
Explicity allow the use of auto-pilots in double-handed events
Addition of a safety section
Addition of an insurance section

As a reminder the REQUIRED skippers meeting will start at 17:00 on Friday August 28 at the AYC clubhouse. This meeting will be followed by dinner and then the first start at 19:30.

2009 Northern Century Sailing Instructions [FINAL]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double your fun at AYC this week

Two nights of fun (plus lots of doubling your fun, on the N100 race!).

Wednesday night is supposed to be another good one (and we will not stay out late this time... hint hint RC people) because we have Salmon Dinner and fun Summer Fun awards to give away.

Friday night, join the N100 racers for some Gere A Deli lasagna and double your fun by going racing around San Juan County (and beyond, I think!). Double handed is the popular choice so far (as it was meant to be! from it's conception!) and it's two nights. A lot of things in two's I think. If you aren't racing, you can still come have fun at the club and see the racers off. Or go up to CapSante... or (do you want other good ideas? heehee...)

Come on down!

And if you know where the old "Yard Arm" is from the old bar, bring it with you! Spence?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shout out to Chef Steph, and others!

Great job last night to the Slapper crew! Great food, and we all appreciated that you got in there early to fix dinner. When they dropped out of the race, they were still doing really well and we still had high hopes of actually finishing.

Next week, Walt is making his famous salmon dinner. 5 year tradition, we hear! He would love to have help from anyone who is NOT racing since it takes a bunch of prep work. Call Andy, Steph, or Walt if you're interested, or know someone who is. Laurie G and I (Stephanie) are tenatively planning to help unless there are others who would have fun cooking.

Another shout out to Grafix who towed us in on the SB3, all the way into Anacortes Marina!

Go AYC! It's been a great year, and great people to be around!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday Fun is nearly done!

Come out for the Wednesday races before they are gone for the season!

Tomorrow, August 19: supposed to be the warmest day of the week! Slapper is prepared with a surprise menu from Stephanie and the Brown Lantern. YUM

August 26: the last Summer Fun! Walt is cooking his famous Salmon Dinner, too! MORE YUM and fun.

Fall Fun Series:

Sept. 2: Biker Night/Early Oyster Run. Reverse order start, prizes for costumes (is that really a costume or just the stuff you're gonna wear on your ride at the end of the month?) plus we should talk someone into bringing oysters doncha think? Alakazam set to cook!

Sept 9: Wild West Night. Get your sepia photos taken, wearing your favorite outlaw gear. Weenie roast at the club after. Can't remember who's cooking, but we've got someone lined up for beans and weenies, maybe cornbread?

Sept 16: this is it!!! you're done for the year! Jammie night, of course! Who will win the coveted "Teddy" this year? Commodore Jerry has walked away with it easily the past two years! Boomer is set to cook... prepare your palate for veggies!

Northern Century Update...

Registrations are starting to trickle in for the upcoming Northern Century - thus far we have 7 boats registered for the Double-Handed Divsion and 4 boats for the Fully-Crewed Division.

The long-range weather forecast is predicting sunny weather and moderate winds, so if you haven't registered this event and are thinking about it, you can register on-line by using the following link!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pirates board Grafix, and take over Scallywag Island

You read it here first!

Pirates boarded Grafix in Cap Sante Marina on Friday afternoon, and proceeded to hoist the jolly roger and head out into the bay. The kite was flown (and no race sails were used! fear not Captain Dave!). Grafix sailed into the bay at Saddlebag/Scallywag Island and dropped anchor for lunch on shore and some nefarious pirate activities. The AYC pirate flag was hoisted ashore and off went the pirates, back to the dock... a great end to a great week! Thank you Cap'n Tom for hosting a bunch of pirates!

More next year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Go Pirates!

The pirates of AYC had a great week despite very ominous weather (at least in the forecast! not all of it came to fruition, thank goodness!). 14 kids participated this year, which was perfect for the 4 Lasers and 2 Walker Bay dinghies on the dock. We have one more day of pirate fun planned, and will cross the bay to commandeer Saddlebag Island.

Many thanks to those who helped make Pirate Camp a success: The Lee family came through en force and donated ElToro dinghies, helped with movie day on Monday, and brought lots of kids and a couple helpers. Thomas Childs donated a carpet to the dock and showed up at the right place and the right time to help everyone dock on Tuesday. Dean Headstrom donated his Laser to the camp. The Gilbert family was a big help, with Suzy going on a pizza run on Wednesday and Tom sailing with us on Thursday (and Friday is in the works!), plus the help with the big screen movie projector. Andy Schwenk and Dave Baker moved all the dinghies to the dock, and Andy was our rescue diver when we lost a rudder at the dock. Gabriel (of Pangaea sailing fame) came and volunteered his sailing skills, and Wendy baked brownies for us. Who am I forgetting? If I forgot a wonderful helper, I apologize!

We are planning on some Sunday sailing this fall (starting with the next two Sundays 8/16 and 8/23), and make plans around sailing camp next year on the first two weeks of August. I'll get all the pics to Kevin for posting very soon.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Swinomish Swing Bridge Closed...

In this morning's Coast Guard Group Port Angeles "Broadcast Notice to Mariners," it was reported the the Swinomish Swing Bridge was closed to vessel traffic until further notice due to maintenance issues. No word was given when it would reopen...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dinghy Dock FUN & Games!

The AYC Dinghy Dock is a go! So, here's the story...

Work: We need to do a little work to get it ready for next week, and eventually there are some bigger projects to make it work in the long run. For now, we need to cover some holes an put down some carpet to protect the boats. Any engineers out there? There are 5 round holes that have raised steel rings that run down the center of the dock. I'm thinking they are about the size of a tire, that for NOW if we had 5 tires (anyone have snow tires?) we could cover them up. There are also several small holes along the steel plates that run down the center of the dock. They could be covered with plywood for now and carpet for the whole thing. There is a shed on the dock that can be painted and can store boat parts (etc).

Later this fall, we can put engineers up to the task of really fixing the steel plates down the center of the dock and building racks to store dinghies and spars. It was mentioned that we should have a bbq out there on the dock... we could put a picnic table out there and store someone's cast-off bbq in the shed...? It is a big dock! Anyone interested can and should go have a look and put ideas on the forum... Imagine dinghy sailing in our future! It's not just for kids!

FUN: we have 6 Sundays scheduled for family sailing at 1:00. We'll rig and share the Lasers, and help others carry, rig, and sail dinghies. Maybe we can toss in some buoys for some practice races. Days that we are available include:
August 16 (right after Pirate Camp!)
August 23
September 20 and 27
October 4 and 18
After that, we may put them away for the winter or keep going...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Record Broken...

Banque Populaire V and Groupama 3 have crossed the Atlantic in under 4 days, destroying the previous record held by Franck Cammas on Groupama 3. BP-5 left New York hours after G-3, but crossed the invisible line marking the end of the run 12 minutes ahead of Cammas, setting the new benchmark of 3 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes, and 30 seconds. Cammas' time was just under 3 hours slower than Bidegorry's.

The big breeze and relatively flat water set up by the low pressure system they rode allowed some truly insane 24 hour-runs, including a stretch where each boat was breaking the existing record with each reported position. The new record for a single day of sailing stands at 907 NM set by BP-5.