Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dinghy Dock FUN & Games!

The AYC Dinghy Dock is a go! So, here's the story...

Work: We need to do a little work to get it ready for next week, and eventually there are some bigger projects to make it work in the long run. For now, we need to cover some holes an put down some carpet to protect the boats. Any engineers out there? There are 5 round holes that have raised steel rings that run down the center of the dock. I'm thinking they are about the size of a tire, that for NOW if we had 5 tires (anyone have snow tires?) we could cover them up. There are also several small holes along the steel plates that run down the center of the dock. They could be covered with plywood for now and carpet for the whole thing. There is a shed on the dock that can be painted and can store boat parts (etc).

Later this fall, we can put engineers up to the task of really fixing the steel plates down the center of the dock and building racks to store dinghies and spars. It was mentioned that we should have a bbq out there on the dock... we could put a picnic table out there and store someone's cast-off bbq in the shed...? It is a big dock! Anyone interested can and should go have a look and put ideas on the forum... Imagine dinghy sailing in our future! It's not just for kids!

FUN: we have 6 Sundays scheduled for family sailing at 1:00. We'll rig and share the Lasers, and help others carry, rig, and sail dinghies. Maybe we can toss in some buoys for some practice races. Days that we are available include:
August 16 (right after Pirate Camp!)
August 23
September 20 and 27
October 4 and 18
After that, we may put them away for the winter or keep going...

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