Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shout out to Chef Steph, and others!

Great job last night to the Slapper crew! Great food, and we all appreciated that you got in there early to fix dinner. When they dropped out of the race, they were still doing really well and we still had high hopes of actually finishing.

Next week, Walt is making his famous salmon dinner. 5 year tradition, we hear! He would love to have help from anyone who is NOT racing since it takes a bunch of prep work. Call Andy, Steph, or Walt if you're interested, or know someone who is. Laurie G and I (Stephanie) are tenatively planning to help unless there are others who would have fun cooking.

Another shout out to Grafix who towed us in on the SB3, all the way into Anacortes Marina!

Go AYC! It's been a great year, and great people to be around!

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