Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rumrunners Unite!

The mastless Rumpus and crew will start you all in the morning at the tanker dock this Saturday.

Take your own finish time and come up to the club at 5:00.

We'll have a chili potluck. Bring your own favorite chili, and/or a healthy supply of bread and salad to go with. We will feast and drink the winner's rum! Maybe we'll turn on the football game, or head down to the Oyster Run festivities.

See you there, rum runners!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

End of Year Awards and Round the County Parties

Two more chances to have fun at AYC this fall, even though the Wednesday racing is done:

End of Year Awards will be at 6:00 after the Lawson Reef Race on October 17. This is the last trophy race of the season. We have good trophies in the works, and are planning on a photo montage slide show of the season. Get your pics to Steph or Andy, best on CD. We'll put out an email request, too. If anyone wants to make it another "Oktoberfest" like last year, just shout out and we'll make it so!

Round the County party: we know that several boats spend Friday night before Round the County in Anacortes. So, we are in the works of planning a party for racers in town. Maybe some music (not confirmed, but we're working on it) some eats (to help pay for the music), drinks and AYC hospitality. Friday, Nov 6, starting at 5:30.

Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Round-The-County Registration Now Open...

In case you are thinking about participating in the annual thrash around San Juan County (aka Round the County), the Orcas Island Yacht Club just opened registration. This year it is being limited to sixty (60) entries and you must register on-line.

As of 7:00am this morning there were already 19 boats registered - if you are interested in participating you can use the following link to register:

2009 Round the County On-Line Registration

Also, there is already a SA thread going on this topic, so if you have something intelligent to say (or not so intelligent if you are like me), jump in using the following forum thread:

2009 Round the County Discussion Forum

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jammy Night this Wednesday... and then that's all for the year

Come out and sail in your jammies this Wednesday night!

6:00 Reverse order start

Food and festivities at the club afterward... and the always popular Jammy fashion show

This will be the LAST ONE of the year!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

St Francis YC deck cam

This one isn't as fancy and scripted, but you can move it around yourself if you wait in line:

catch the action here:

BBS Live Video

This is untested by me, but linked from St Francis. Live coverage is supposed to start at 11 am, which normally means I'm at work, and today means I'm at the peewee football game, but I'm attaching a link for the armchair sailors who are able to hook up:


Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot Stuff

Yeah, that's what Andy and Tom are thinking...

Velos continues to dominate their fleet, and even get to sail against everyone's all-time favorite, "Ragtime". Winds in the mid 20's today made for a lot of good times. Andy got to run a coffee grinder, but claims his heart is really at the mast... He was also calling for better non-skid as he ran to grab a runaway spin sheet, and the next guy grabbed him by the waist, and the next guy grabbed that guy, and the three of them were dragged across the deck... Two more races tomorrow, and a distance tour of the bay on Sunday predicted.

I can't find super great pics, but did find one I love of a boat sailing right in front of the yacht club, close enough it looks like you could just hop on the deck.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, Tom and Andy are winning their class for now! 23 crew members, which I just don't think the Rumpus could tolerate... 97 boats sailing. I found a couple good shots, but none of Velos. Stay tuned

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Single/Double Handed on Saturday


it'll be on Saturday (not on Sunday)

Sundholm's will be starting everyone, and racing at the same time, and doing the best they can to fly the flags and run the horns and get everyone going while also getting ready to start.

be sure to say thank you! (many times before you say f u to the volunteers, and you know who you are... be thankful! and friendly!)

stow-aways are welcome to be stowed away, of course: dogs, kids, exchange students...

On another note!

2 AYC guys sailing at the Big Boat Series this weekend in San Fran: Andy and Tom G will be on Velos. Tom is navigating, and Andy is at the mast. Check it out on Sailing Anarachy or Google it, or Facebook it... you can find it, and they have a live webcam to check it out. They're on the biggest of the big boats with a fleet of 100 sailing out of the venerable St. Francis Yacht Club. go AYC!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Single / Double-Handed Race - Sept 12, 2009

Please note that the upcoming Single / Double-handed race is being held this Saturday Sept 12 at 10:00. In the racing schedule it was listed in error as being held on Sunday, Sept 13.

Also note that we are looking for a volunteer to start the race - in order to do this you will need your own boat (racing or not). If you can do this, please contact Andy at Northwest Rigging. If we are unable to get a volunteer the event will start at 10:00 using GPS time.

The instructions for sending in your finish times are on the web!


Sunday, September 06, 2009

2009 Pitch Regatta - DOUBLE NADA

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate - it was blowing 30+ both Saturday and Sunday so the PITCH organizers ended up cancelling both days. Even though the racing didn't happen, there was plenty of carnage given the high winds!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Sailor's gotta do what a Sailor's gotta do... especially on Wednesday!

Sail high

Sail fast

and always sail too often!

Courage is being scared to death

and still putting up the kite...

And all those other good Wild West Sailing quotes by our pal John Wayne

Be there next week at 6:00 at the tanker dock for a reverse order start and fun race... where ya finish whereva you finish!

Wild West theme, all you funseekers!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Commodore's Letter

Each month or so our Commodore (Jerry Vanderveen) writes a letter to the club membership summarizing our activities and describing some of the strategic initiatives underway. This month is no exception.

You can read Jerry's September 2009 letter here.