Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot Stuff

Yeah, that's what Andy and Tom are thinking...

Velos continues to dominate their fleet, and even get to sail against everyone's all-time favorite, "Ragtime". Winds in the mid 20's today made for a lot of good times. Andy got to run a coffee grinder, but claims his heart is really at the mast... He was also calling for better non-skid as he ran to grab a runaway spin sheet, and the next guy grabbed him by the waist, and the next guy grabbed that guy, and the three of them were dragged across the deck... Two more races tomorrow, and a distance tour of the bay on Sunday predicted.

I can't find super great pics, but did find one I love of a boat sailing right in front of the yacht club, close enough it looks like you could just hop on the deck.

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