Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Single/Double Handed on Saturday


it'll be on Saturday (not on Sunday)

Sundholm's will be starting everyone, and racing at the same time, and doing the best they can to fly the flags and run the horns and get everyone going while also getting ready to start.

be sure to say thank you! (many times before you say f u to the volunteers, and you know who you are... be thankful! and friendly!)

stow-aways are welcome to be stowed away, of course: dogs, kids, exchange students...

On another note!

2 AYC guys sailing at the Big Boat Series this weekend in San Fran: Andy and Tom G will be on Velos. Tom is navigating, and Andy is at the mast. Check it out on Sailing Anarachy or Google it, or Facebook it... you can find it, and they have a live webcam to check it out. They're on the biggest of the big boats with a fleet of 100 sailing out of the venerable St. Francis Yacht Club. go AYC!

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