Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheney Cup Results Posted...

The 2009 Cheney Cup Results have now been posted - twelve (12) boats started and seven (7) finished, with the first boat home taking about twice the time to finish as the slowest boat home last year!

The winds were very light heading up to Eliza Island with many parking lots along the way. At each parking lot the fleet compressed until the wind picked up a knot or two and the faster boats sped away. The fleet was evenly split with respect to which side of Eliza Island to take - with most of the lead boats choosing the west side, although Pulelehua managed to pick a great line heading way east of Eliza using the great circle route.

The north RG Buoy proved to be tricky to get around given the light winds and current. With nearly no wind the entire fleet compressed here making it impossible for the faster boats to place well.

On the way home the northwest wind filled in somewhat (to a ripping 4-5 knots) and the faster boats managed to stretch it out on the way home (although not enough for time-on-time scoring). Congratulations to Pangaea for winning A-fleet and Lucky Duck in C fleet (also with the overall). Unfortunately the sole participant in B fleet (Slightly Ripped) was unable to finish, so there was not a winner in that category.

Stay tuned for next week - it looks like there will be some wind for the Lawson Reef race, although the weather will likely not be as nice!

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