Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Junior Sailing

AYC is the community leader in promoting sailing. There is a movement about the club, with some familiar faces, Stephanie Schwenk, Steve Orsini, Spence(of course), among others that are working together to refire our junior sailing around the club. Many of you know the POA has generously agred to let us use the old fuel dock attached to Q and the new lift is nearly complete. (Due end of November I think according to Port doc's I've seen) Here's your chance to get your kids or the neighbor's kids into a lifelong affinity for boats and sailing, or help run a regatta or make some sandwiches or provide "patrol" boat services, or help fold a sail or sell a raffle ticket WHATEVER just get involved and smile it's 99% attitude, don't feel like you don't know enough or don't understand teenagers(who does?) Contact Stephanie Schwenk for more....

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