Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shaw Island Winter Classic - Feb 20, 2011

For those of you dreaming about sailing we thought we would pass on the news that the 2011 running of the Shaw Island Winter Classic is scheduled for Sunday, February 20, 2011.  Here is some video from our very own Jah Mon in last years event.  So if you are bored of winter sports yet, give this event a try.  You can get more information on the Orcas Island Yacht Club website...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!!!!

It 's winding down on what has been a marvelous year at AYC....and as your 'exiting Rear and coming Vice' I want to THANK all of you volunteers that have helped make it such a marvelous year!!! First, kudos to the Board Members and to the various committee chairs. You'll get yours at the Commodore's Ball. But I want to particularly recognize and thank the 48 of you (yes, FORTY EIGHT!!) who've served you and us at the Bar!!!!! You know who you are but for the rest of you....thank you,
Roger Born
Bill Bowman
Brandy Britton
Phil & Madelyn Case (thanks Vice!)
Terry Dorn
Kay Dow
Nancy Drake
Karle & Bev Dresen
Pam Edwards
Nancie Elliott
Maury & Helene Fink
Lin Folsom
Dale Fowler
Wendy Gray & Mac
John & Gerri Gunn
Steve Hayes & Liz Merriman
Jerry & Jan Hemme
Mike & Carol Herbert
Kim Kelley & Jerry Vanderveen
Sean Kelly & Jan Chapman (those long nights awaiting an America's Cup Race in Valencia!)
Ed & Mellie Kennedy (even the Commodore steps up!)
Marv Klinger
Dave Malsed
Walt Meagher
Jim Owen & Carolyn Comstock
Dick Redmond
Keith Rubin
Ronald Sawchenko
Bill Short
Tom & Barb Stockton
Christy Sundholm
Dave & Karen Thomson
Warren Walz
TK Wegg
There must be others, and if I've forgotten anyone, my sincerest apologies. We all THANK YOU very much!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2011 Van Isle 360 Registration Open...

For those of you that have heard of this event and have wanted to participate, now is your chance! The 2011 running of the van Isle 360 is now open for registration.

In case you haven't heard about the event, the Van Isle 360 is a biennial, 580 nm. point to point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, B.C. Sailed in ten legs the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight legs through some of the world's most challenging and beautiful waters.

In the last running of this event boats from our club did very well (Night Runner - 1st Division 2; and Icon - 2nd Division 1) and we expect similar results in 2011 against the best of the best in the Northwest.  This event is typically limited to forty (40) boats, so if you would like to participate you will need to turn in your application ASAP.

Here are the documents that you will need:

Night Runner - Winner Division 2 - 2009 Van Isle 360

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MEMO - To All AYC Members

To: All AYC Members
From:  Your Board of Directors
Re:  Future Plans and Fiscal Considerations  

This is an informational letter from your Board explaining and hopefully clarifying our plans and our needs.

After initial discussion at the board level, Commodore Ed Kennedy appointed an ad hoc committee comprised of Phil Case, Dave Malsed and Mike Herbert to assess AYC's short and long term financial needs and to develop strategies to meet those needs. That committee then met with our flag officers to discuss their findings, resulting in a recommendation to the full board that dues be raised. The board reviewed this recommendation and agreed that an increase in dues is the most effective way to ensure AYC's long-term financial viability and growth. This letter will provide you with specifics regarding our process and that decision. 

As the Club has grown (when we built our Clubhouse in 1991 we had 121 members, we now have over 200) the necessity of an expansion of the Clubhouse becomes more urgent.  A chase boat is a pressing need, for safety and utility in order to run the race and youth programs (over 50 races a year, plus Lido fleet, Pirate Camp, Dinghy Week) Consideration of possible future capital expenses.

These all require monies. Our present fiscal situation (condensed version) is as follows:

1. Fixed annual expenses: taxes, utilities, cleaning, maintenance $39,000
2. Annual income from dues alone: $31,000
3. Annual income from activities: social, race, cruising programs $65,000
4. Annual expenses related to activities: $49,000
5. Income from initiation fees (variable): $8,000

Adding this up shows that we spend about $88,000 yearly, and take in about $96,000 plus $8,000 in initiation fees. Therefore, we generate approximately $16,000 yearly in excess revenue over expenses. Presently we have reserves on hand of $35,000.

We’ve been in existence since 1891, built a clubhouse in 1991, and have never incurred long term debt. At this juncture we have no way of knowing exactly what is required, but expect these future capital expenses to be in the range of $150,000 to $200,000 over the next 2 to 4 years. Thus, to fulfill our needs, we must build reserves.

The only viable way we can see to do this is by raising dues. Our last raise was in 2002. We’re implementing a raise in 2011 to $240/yr or $20/month for preferred members. Associate and junior members will stay the same for now. This still leaves AYC as one of the least expensive yacht clubs on the Salish Sea. We anticipate this increase will generate $20,000 annual income, in addition to the approximately $16,000/yr now. Thus, within 3 to 4 years we should have increased our reserves to enable us to proceed with a staged expansion, as well as an increased operating reserve/contingency fund.

We realize that raising dues is never popular, but we also realize that if we’re going to continue to provide the high quality of facilities and the range of activities that we want and expect, we have to pay for it. Please feel free to contact any board member with questions that you may have.

Sincerely, Ed Kennedy, Phil Case, Mac Madenwald, Bonnie Gilmore, Charles Webb, Vince Sellen, Kevin Welch, Spencer Swain, Jerry VanderVeen, Warren Walz and Andy Schwenk

Monday, November 29, 2010

First ever "racers forum"

Mark your calendar for Wednesday Dec. 8th @1900hrs. AYC is hosting an event to keep that Wednesday night magic flowing into a dreary PNW winter. Whether you're a seasoned salt or wonder what that sailboat racing is all about, everyone is welcome. We can discuss anything from rules to sail trim, electronics to race commitee work. The 2011 race schedule will be handed out and the bar will be open. Come join in, bring your favorite crewperson,heck you might leave enlightened.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2011 Already?

The 2011 regatta schedule for AYC is being firmed up and there are still a few details to be worked out. AYC hosts 3 major regattas and a few small ones, each of these events needs an event chairperson or persons. This individual does not need to be a person that races regularly or even races at all. The chair arranges things like catering, clean up, trophies, t-shirts, sponsorship, moorage, on the water commitee, registration and entertainment. Each of the regattas allows you to make it as special as you want it to be. These regattas bring in a boatload of revenue and many of our memebers have done it before and are eager to help.
Here is the plan so far:
February 26th Girts Rekevics Memorial Foulweather Race destination TBD chair needed
April 26th Tulip Regatta chair Walt Meagher
June 11th Windermere Regatta chairperson or persons needed
June 18th Get Out the Boat Girls chair needed (probably easy to get male volunteers)
August 26th Northern Century chair Kevin Welch
October 15th Year End Awards Regatta chair needed
2011 promises to be the best year of sailing ever for AYC. Windermere is the fleet championship for SC-27's and Moore 24's, Northern Century's goal is to go from 37 to over 50 boats, and we hope to break last years record of 42 race packets sold. Please contact Race Chairman Andy Schwenk to sign up now!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What time? Where to?

Wednesday Nov. 17th @ 1900 at AYC there is a meeting scheduled for setting the dates for the 2011 race schedule. We try to set the courses for the days when the currents are favorable, that doesn't conflict with a holiday or a Husky game, both Saturdays and Sundays, days that end in y , and other issues. We also try to coordinate with the cruising and social calendars and even with other clubs in the greater Seattle area. There is also a thread on the "racing" forums section of this web page for posting your thoughts and ideas for the 2011 racing season. Hey we're all in this together, we can change if we have to, I guess... Thanks for your support!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Big Blue brings home the silver!

Congratulations to AYC skipper Kevin Welch and the crew of ICON for winning the 2010 'Round the County Race hosted by Orcas Island Yacht Club. ICON posted triple bullets, first in class, first overall, and first to finish.

The weather was gorgeous, when was the last time you reached for the sunscreen in November? There was just enough wind for the entire fleet to finish both days, in fact ICON only spent 9 hours on the course both days to cover nearly 70 miles! At the other end of the fleet Pam Mickelwait with "hired gun" Walt Meagher on board finished with less than ten minutes to spare.

On the insurance front at least two boats grounded trying to cut corners. On the good times list the AYC pre race party Friday night was a big hit, thanks to all that helped out!

AYC sent ten boats, more than any other club! In Div. O Teddy Bear held off Time Bandit by two minutes for 4th and 26th overall. Div. II Pangaea was edged out by the old AJAX/Medusa by ten seconds for a 6th and 35. Pulelehua floated like a butterfly for a 12th and 48th. Passepartout spilled the wine a few times and had the biggest bow wave in the coumty as she hauled up Boundary pass for 15th and 66th. In Div III the Wild Rumpians helmed by the Party Planner Stepharoo Schwenk held off the schooner Martha and rallied from a second place finish on Saturday for 1st and 22nd. Next year we will make sure all the sails are on board that we think are on board before leaving......(it's a long story:) Celebration with a host of familiar AYC faces were 4th and 53rd, likely would have won the award for most fun or at least best dock party. Seeker sailing for AYC by way of Mukilteo was 7th and 56th. Soulfood skippered by the only other female completed their very first RTC in 11th and 67th.

What better way to spend a weekend than sailing with friends on one of the most beautiful race courses on the planet? Check out the gallery here this week for a boatload of photos. If you have questions on how to get yours posted contact the race winning Kevin Welch!

Close Crossing Situation - Picture by MattWallis

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Round and Round we go!

Just 4 sleeps left to the 'Round the County party @ AYC. This race is hosted by OIYC but many boats start out of Anacortes early Saturday morning (8:40 start off Lydia Shoal). This is a great opportunity to showcase our club and spread the word about Tulip, Windermere and the Northern Century regattas. Each of these regattas makes a boatload of $$$ for AYC. Friday night features Gere a Deli lasagna (meaty and veggie)the J. Charles band, and cheap beer. Doors open 1730, dinner 1800, band starts @1900.
The Round the County fleet is limited to the first 60 boats and contains 75 this year. Betsy just can't say no! Multihulls, big boats, and even a punky SC-27, this fleet has it all. Goto for all the details. Lot's of cool pictures too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

US Sailing and you!

Tonight @ AYC T.K. Wegg the area US Sailing representative will be informing us as to what is up with US Sailing. This organization formed out of the former USYRU (US yacht racing union). It covers all aspects of sailing with chairman and commitees covering: Olympic sailing, chartering, sailing schools, offshore sailing, safety, racing, rules, cruising, and a host of other topics. T.K. regularly travels to meetings all over the country to represent the PNW. You will have a chance to ask questions and rub elbows with other yachty types, what could be more fun?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's up @ AYC?

Elections are right around the corner, plans are being made for next year's social, racing and cruising calendars. If you are reading this you are likely a member of AYC. It's been stated regarding club's like ours, "You are not a customer, you're a member, act like one, if you think something should change for the benefit of all AYC members join in and get'er done!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gran Prix and AYC

Each fall the Seattle Yacht club hosts the Gran Prix regatta. It is a three day event and in order to get invited you are required to have placed in the top three in a major event, around here it's Windermere or PITCH.
This past weekend in winds from 3-30 kts, courses from 3 miles to 30 miles, with masts breaking, sails shredding and boats capsizing(don't ask me how I know......), Teddy Bear skippered by Gray Hawken and Grafix skippered by Dave Martin, both with a passel of AYC sailors on board, male and female, placed second in their respective divisions.
This weekend was a true test of sailors skills aggression and patience, sails and currents, starts and finishes, it was all there. Teddy Bear kept launching her heavy air kite on the downwind legs of tight buoy courses and surfing regularly into the teens with boats in tight quarters broaching and spinning on either beam. Grafix sailors packed the rail and battled upwind constantly powering and de-powering as squalls rolled through.
Congratulations to these two fine boats and their crews.
PS Grafix is for sale!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Last saturday night AYC crowned the victors at the annual awards banquet. Following a beautiful sail around the permanent marks with nearly 20 competitors being pelted by candy and silly string by the Race Commitee in what may have been the last voyage of our illustrious chase boat the sailors retired to the clubhouse. Family and friends in attendance filled the club to overflowing and Walt Meagher and crew served up a boatload of terrific food. Jerry and Bill (more on these two later) kept up at the bar and Stephanie produced a slideshow of the year in review from pictures provided by the sailors in our fleet. (soon to be available for download on this very website). Each year we award a "Yacht of the Year" trophy to the top scoring boat in A,B, and C divisions.
Remember those two bartenders?

Jerry Vanderveen/Walt Meagher and the crew of the Syndicat achieved a first ever three peat in the AYC by winning C fleet. By the way this boat has two outstanding ownership shares outstanding,(I meant to say that twice) what a fantastic way to get into racing without spending a yacht of dough....

Bill Bowman and his F-28 trimaran Kinetic Ki won A fleet. Bill is a terrific skipper and will often take a newby or someone who has never sailed a tri out for a sail. For a good time call "Wild Bill"!This shows how a fleet of boats of wildly varying designs from Mikey @ 24 feet to ICON @ 66 feet on courses from around the buoys to around Smith Island; in light and heavy winds can compete equitably under the PHRF handicap.

And then there was B fleet...

Team Celebration with that crazy Snoopy spinnaker crushed all those wacky colored SC-27's and all other competitors. Capt. Jim and first mate Staci showed the way all season and judging by the volume level on a typical Wednesday night race, had a ton of fun in the process.

We sold a total of 42 race packets and only canceled one race all season. We hosted three major regattas: Tulip, Windermere, and Northern Century. We gained several new memebers in the process and more are on the way. A huge thank you to all that helped out. From setting the permanent marks, filling out USCG permits, buying chase boat gas, starting and finishing races, scoring, registration, T-shirt sales, ordering trophies, horse collaring sponsors, lining up entertainment, vacuuming, taking out trash, filling propane tanks, setting marks, providing RC boats, helping out with the junior program, picking up catering, keeping the website up to date, distributing posters, sending out letters, the list goes on and on it takes the whole fleet helping to make it happen.

Thanks again to all that pitched in to make the 2010 AYC racing season fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Party like a rock star

Come to the club and laud the winners! Doors open @ 1700, Slide show @ 1800, dinner @ 1900. Chef Walt Meagher has emptied the freezer, flank steak, burgers, tube steaks, veggie patties, you name it! (Also ,salads and dessert) Champagne for every boat and RC volunteer. Yacht of the Year tropnies. Come on out for the first big soiree of the fall holiday season.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are the Champions!

Well not exactly, but it makes for a good headline....AYC sent two boats to Seattle this past weekend to compete in the Puget Sound Sailing Championships. Teddy Bear a Davidson 40 skippered by Gray Hawken and Grafix (for sale) a Soverel 33 skippered by Dave Martin. Both boats finished third in their divisions. PSSC featured 8 buoy races in light and shifty winds off the Richmond Beach neighborhood North of Seattle. Many AYC faces were spotted around the Corinthian Yacht Club's awards ceremony including Andy and Stephanie that parked the Rumpus for the weekend and sailed with prospective AYC member (paperwork snafu) Scott Lindberg aboard the Hotfoot 27 Egress to first place in P8 division. Just two short weeks to the Big Daddy of'em all the Seattle Yacht Club's Gran Prix regatta of which our very own Windermere Regatta is a qualifier. Best of luck to all AYC sailors!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Northern Century Press...

In case you haven't seen it, the AYC Northern Century received some great press in the October Issue of the 48 Degrees North Magazine, in case you missed this event or the magazine, here is a reprint of the article featuring many local boats:

48 North N100 Article

Monday, October 04, 2010

Last Chance to Dance!

October 16th is the official last chance to race this year at AYC! All kinds of fun is planned, so you can finish the year in style.

We will circumnavigate the permanent marks (noon-ish, I think!), any order or direction you want to go! It's Oktoberfest! have a beer!

Bar open at 5:00, Super fantastic AYC 2010 Slideshow at 6:00. Every boat is in it, great tunes, don't miss it!

Dinner and trophies at 7:00. There is a trophy for EVERY BOAT that raced this year, and the theme of this year's trophies is Champagne!

See you there!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paparazzi Wanted!

Hey we know that a bunch of you took pictures on the race course this year... if you got 'em, send 'em to Steph for the (second annual!) AYC slideshow! Your adoring fans will be disappointed if your boat isn't representin' in the mix. Of course, we'll find pics for all the boats, but would love to have more. CD is the best format, and pix only, not video (I am low-tech, but still savvy enough to pull off a slideshow!).

It would be great to have them by the end of the month, and I will NEED to have them by OCTOBER 9th. We'll be showing the slide show on October 16th, at the Round the Buoys/ Oktoberfest/ Awards Extravaganza at AYC.

Please drop off CD's at Northwest Rigging, or mail them to 1312 35th St in Anacortes, or call Steph or Andy and we'll come retreive them. Guaranteed enjoyment!

Why is the Rum always gone?

Here's a chance to get your full ration of rum compliments of our favorite sailing dentist, bird hunter, kayaker, all around good guy, and the only person I know that has not missed a Swiftsure Race since 1978. Dr. Paul Bergman is the annual sponsor of the Race for the Rum around Sinclair Island. Start off tanker dock @ 0930 listen on VHF 72 in case of a delay. Course is any course you like to buoy N of Sinclair, leave it to Port and hurry home. This can be a real drag race and of course the crew will be pleased with a noggin 'o grog @ AYC upon arrival. Set sail for fun, set sail for rum, just set sail before the fun is done......

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plan now for next summer...

It's officially official now. The 2011 Santa Cruz 27 Nationals will be held @ Whidbey Island Race Week July 17th-22nd. It is likely there will be one design class racing @ Tulip and Windermere, this year featured 9 boats. The SC 27 was designed in 1973 and started sailing in 1975, there are probably about 100 or so around in decent sailing condition, we have located about 20 between Hood River, OR and Vancouver BC. There are three currently on the hard here in A-town, Double Helix, Solitaire and King Cole. It would be excellent to see some local sailors join Wild Rumpus, Cookie Monster, Limey Bastard, Kokopelli, Ol Yeller(B'ham), Saltheart Foamfollower (Orcas) and the Seattle fleet boats. This is a fleet you can compete in that is not dominated by National and International sailing stars. We took a local boat bought 3 sails over a two year period, borrowed a trailer, invited some friends and placed second at the 2010 Nationals. I know there are a bunch of great sailors in our club that would be interested in joining the fun and competition. Stephanie Schwenk and Chuck Tidrington are the local cheerleaders, contact them for more information!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Double your Pleasure

This Saturday the18th @0930 the annual Jack Island Doublehanded Race starts off the tanker dock. We generally have three divisions, Jack and Jill, 3 score and ten (avg age over 70), and plain old doublehanded. Typically pets and children are not counted, autopilots are ok.. Listen on 72 for any last minute changes (ppd for wind, tanker traffic, etc). Also check your race packet or this website for proper course.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

2010 Benson Cup Open for Registraiton...

For those of you who haven't heard of this event, the 2010 running of the Benson Cup is scheduled for Sunday, October 3, 2010.

The Benson Cup is a race named after Father Benson who ministered to the people of San Juan County for many years. He had a small boat that he used to travel from island to island. From that boat came a copper tea pot which became the Benson Cup Trophy. The race has been run since 1981 and the course is from Jones Island around Waldron Island and back (any way), with a distance of 15 miles.  The proceeds from the race are given to the Children's House a local San Juan County charity.

You can access the Benson Cup homepage HERE where you can see the list of past winners and download a race entry form.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Round the County Roll Call

November 6th and 7th marks OIYC's annual 'Round the County Race. It consists of two 32 mile legs with a layover Saturday night in Roche Harbor. The first 60 boats to sign up get in, after that it is up to the RC's discretion. 10 boats have signed up so far and this race usually sells out at least a month before the race starts, so goto and send in your $$$. AYC boats have traditionally brought home a ton of silverware from this regatta and also some terrific sea stories. AYC boats from 68ft (ICON) to 20 ft(ZOOM) have competed. If you're looking for some late season sailing in one of the most beautiful venues on earth this race is for you!

Friday, September 03, 2010

What's Really Wrong with Yacht Clubs...

Here is a great article by Nicholas Hayes about what is really wrong with Yacht Clubs - I don't know about you, but this is one of the few articles that I have read on this topic recently that makes sense...

What’s Really Wrong with Yacht Clubs
By Nicholas Hayes, Author of Saving Sailing

(April 23, 2010) If I had to make a chart to represent hours of fun I’ve had by originating location, it would show that a big slice of my fun begins at a yacht club. So I generally like them a lot.

At the same time, I’ll admit a personal bias towards the idea that yacht clubs should instead call themselves sailing clubs, and the sooner they do it, the better for sailing. For me, it’s not just about marketing: if I never see, smell, hear or feel a power boat again in my life, I’ll be thrilled. And I hate blazers and slacks.

But more than naming conventions and my pet-peeves, yacht clubs are generally in trouble, because their members are dying faster than they can find or make new ones. They need to make a change. I’ve been studying the problem now for almost 20 years; some of my research inspired the book Saving Sailing. Yacht clubs have an age problem: member average age is usually around 60. Of course most clubs have junior programs as a feeder, but they usually don’t feed. I’ve written extensively about how age segregation is part of the problem - it creates a broad chasm between young skilled, eager sailors, and the older, tiring base of a club. Consider these observations, excerpted from the book:

      “In most sailing clubs today, the kids show up in the morning, and leave in the late afternoon, just about the time the adults are arriving”

      “...the decline in participation in sailing is better explained as a decline in devotion to intergenerational free-time pursuits.”

It is hard to explain why it seems we’ve gone to such lengths to create this gap -- separating the generations unnecessarily -- accept to suggest that:

      1.) it is a passive response to a general trend towards youth-sports and away from intergenerational activities everywhere, because youth-sports are easier to market, coordinate and scale, or...

      2.) we’ve come to depend on active, age-specific marketing for everything, and we’re lacking the pop culture hero willing to twitter to inspire both 11 year olds and their moms to try sailing. After all, marketing to parents means marketing to their kids, right?

And then some new data hit my desk, suggesting that it has nothing to do with marketing at all. We have it backwards.

Last month I was planning a Saving Sailing presentation at a 110 year old club, and working with a smart, relatively young (40’s) member of the club’s board of directors to ensure a relevant talk. He suggested that in advance he would survey members to understand age, tenure, interests and value delivered. As with most club surveys, his drew an adequate sample of his members, and it confirmed some common findings: average age, 60-ish; average time of service, 20-ish years; outgoing members outpacing incoming members. It is easy to predict that this pace will quicken, and see tough times ahead. Thus the talk. On a hunch, I suggested, and he agreed, that instead of concentrating on turnover trends, we should find the mean age of club newcomers at the time of entry and chart it over the years.

And the cause of the age segregation gap popped into view, as did this club’s chief challenge and some suggested solutions, which may be useful elsewhere. For me, these data suggest a clear, new path to sustainability.

Notice that in 1960, the average age of a new club member was 32 years old. By 1993, the average newcomer was over 60, and the age has hovered around 55 ever since. So during the heyday, when sailing was growing, its advocates were right in the middle of the years of active parenting. They were bringing their kids. And they were recruiting their friends who were often about the same age. And they were bringing their kids.

Over the years, as the core group aged, the same advocates no longer had kids at home and their good efforts to introduce new friends resulted in newcomers of about the same age (and also without kids.) So clubs (and sailing) began to shrink when the typical club newcomer became an empty-nester or a retiree, and now sailing is no longer a sport enjoyed by families.

It’s also telling that at this specific club, where today there is a strong commitment to a junior sailing program, there is only one member child in it. The rest of the kids who participate arrive via schools or other youth clubs, or their non-member, non-sailing parents drop them off.

While there is no overall market statistical significance to these data, since this club’s age demographics and member make-up are similar to those found in all of sailing in the US, it is safe to use the data anecdotally to make a point.

What’s wrong with Yacht Clubs? Members aged, and as they did, they seemed to forget that they were once young. One of the keys to Saving Sailing is that Yacht (cough) Sailing Clubs must re-open their doors to people in the active parenting years. Of course, this has much broader implications and creates a new set of needs. Most families don’t have sailboats. Often kids take to sailing earlier and more naturally than parents. Families often have less disposable time than they had 40 years ago, or at least, their schedules are more complex. It’ll be hard to break the youth-sports habit. Most clubs plan parties for adults, and day care for kids (some just say no to kids altogether.) The Sailing Club of the future will have found great solutions to these challenges. And then it will be younger, and more vibrant, and more fun for everyone. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6:00pm START TIME...

For those of you forgetful racers out there, buoy racing on Wednesday night now starts at 18:00 (first start).  This means 6:00pm for those of you non-military types out there!

The days are getting shorter and the winds stronger - must be fall in the air!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Northern Century Results Posted...

For those of you racers out there - here are the preliminary results from the 2010 running of the Northern Century.  Winds were light at the start, but eventually those that hung in there were able to make it between Huckleberry Island and Saddlebag -

1st - Tantivy
2nd - ReignMaker
3rd - Kotuku

1st - Son of Raven
2nd - Icon
3rd - Sly D Away

1st - Stranger
2nd - The Orange Blob
3rd - Radiant Heat

Last to Finish - Sol Pacifico (39:51:51)
Most Fun - Soul Food
Slowest Rated Boat to Finish - The Orange Blob

You can download the complete results HERE.

Northern Warriors in the House

AYC will open @ 1800 this evening Sunday the 29th to host the competitors in the Northern Century Race. The bar will be open, please come join us to hear the stories and crown the winners. We will also be awarding most fun and turtle trophy. Many thanks to the volunteers that pitched in on Friday to get the fleet underway, TK and Louise Deskey-Wegg, Tim Wenger, Dori Johnson, Richard Riddell, Mac Madenwald and of course Commodore ED!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

N100 Boat Parade - Friday, Aug 27

If you haven't heard, there are 30 boats registered in the upcoming Northern Century - to kick this event off there will be a parade of competitors between A & B docks in Cap Sante at 18:45 on Friday evening, August 27.  Rumor has it that there might be a few special guests to liven things up...

If you are out on the town Friday evening and want to send the fleet off - stop by to cheer your favorite boat and wish them well...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Northern Century - 30 Boats and Counting...

Registration is still open for the Northern Century, so if you are still on the fence you can still sign up!

We presently have 30 boats registered (counting both on-line and mail-in registrations).  We are way ahead of last year and this event is fast becoming a real Northwest tradition!

For those who are not sailing in this event but would like to give a send-off to the participants - here is what you can do on Friday, August 23:

1700 - AYC Clubhouse - skippers meeting
1845 - Near D Dock Cap Sante - sail by
1930 - View the start

You can view the start from on-the water, or from Cap Sante head.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Sailing and Salmon!

Summer 2010 has been one of AYC's best sailing season's yet. We are consistently getting 30 boats to the starting line on Wednesday night and the club has been hopping afterward. The Summer Fun Series wraps up this Wednesday with the salmon BBQ. This event is not to be missed. Salmon, slaw and spuds served up by Chef Walt Meahger and crew, Walt actually delivered his big sister to Woodstock in '69 on his motorcycle and reported in to work at a local restaurant, now that shows his dedication to his culinary development. (true story) We also need a RC boat and person, so make it an evening anchor out, toot some horns, fly some flags, record the scores, then head to the club for a feast! Call Andy 360 770 7035 for details...All are welcome @ the club Wednesday after the races doors open @ 1900!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

N100 - 25 Boats and counting...

The latest news is that we have twenty-five (25) boats registered for the Northern Century.  If this trend continues it looks like we might have over thirty (30) boats in the event.  We still need a few more AYC boats, so if you are sitting on the fence and would like to do this event - please register.

Also, for those that are planning on being around the AYC clubhouse on Friday evening, here is the tentative schedule of events:

Friday, August 27, 2010

1300-1700 - Registration
1700 - Skippers Meeting, Prior year awards, weather briefing
1730 - Dinner
1845 - Sail by (probably motor) - D Dock at Cap Sante
1930 - Double-Handed Start
1940 - Fully Crewed Start

If you are not racing but would like to watch the start please join the fun out on the water (Keith Stone will be there providing live music) or watch from Cap Sante.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stepharoo battles AC talent!

On Friday the 13th team Rumpus headed down that lonely grey ribbon for some racing action in the Columbia river gorge. The only thing hotter than the weather were the trailer brakes but when you're pulled to the side of the road with a bright yellow 27 ft boat it's not long before a friend from Steilacoom will notice and after a slight delay we were back into a surprising amount of traffic headed south. AYC member (or at least his Pa is) Kyle Roethle kept us up to date on the traffic conditions and the nearest Les Schwab via his iphone. (or something like it)

We launched via a ramp @ Cascade Locks and stayed with my old college room-mate in Hood River. The Double Damned Regatta is supposed to be a 42 mile hair raising run to The Dalles. This year was 25 kt Easterlies not Westerlies so instead it was 15 miles to Mitchell point and a run back to Cascade Locks. Two divisions, Moore 24's and everything else.

We got a decent start a little overpowered with full main and a #3, we picked up two locals to round out the crew when we found out we were going to be going upwind not down; Chris and Darren were lifesavers! A 30 footer snapped her lifeline soon after the start and dumped the crew in the drink but those left on board had things under control and soon gathered them up. (Check those lifelines people!!!) The J-35 skippered by Mark Newbrook from the Americas Cup Alinghi program powered up wind and relished the flat water and steady winds.

We battled past the Moore 24 skippered by Morgan Larson with at least one other member with AC experience on board until he switched headsails and ground us down again. We rounded and set the kite and were really doing well until we surfed away on a wild puff aimed for the beach and had to jibe. It wasn't pretty and we lost our floating winch handle. I was able to pull myself back on board using the mainsheet then then over the lifeline. Kyle was able to realease the spinnaker halyard cleated on the mast with one hand while holding on to the shrouds that were well underwater with the other. The spin pole was toast, Windex missing, and we opted for a smaller chute. back underway with the stereo now switched off and now we were at the other shore and another ugly jibe now we were down to our third spinnaker pole our last one... Nice to have friends that let you borrow their poles for these regattas but maybe we should just buy iron ones...It actually started to lighten and we finished with the big kite back up.

We sailed in dropped the rig in the parking lot, bashed Steph in the head (long story, no major damage), 2nd in division, 3rd overall!!! Cool boat, great crew, anyone can take the helm when the river is calm, Only Steph can create that kind of damage in only 15 miles!!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fifteen and Counting...

In case you hadn't heard - on-line registration for the Northern Century is now open! At present fifteen (15) boats have registered. If you are thinking about entering, don't hesitate!  2010 will be the third running of this event and there will be two divisions - a double-handed division and a fully crewed division.

The race starts on Friday, August 27, 2010 in Fidalgo Bay and heads north to Point Roberts, down Boundary Passage, then south through Haro Strait to Hein Bank and returns to Anacortes with a finish at the west entrance of Guemes Channel. Double-handed entries start at 1930 followed by fully crewed entries at 1940.

If you have never done an overnight event or a distance race of this length, this is the one for you! The course is interesting with many sights to see, plus most boats will be well outside the shipping lanes during the night making for an enjoyable passage.

You can register HERE!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Take Notice!!!! especially draft beer drinkers

Next time you're at the Club, please take note of the tap handles on the draft beer spigots!!!! We're now serving "LIDO LAGER" and "RACER RED"... "Made especially for Anacortes Yacht Club" by Anacortes Brewing! Thanks to Kevin Pierce and our friends at the Rockfish. And still only $2/pint!! Enjoy. Yummmmm!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pirates invade AYC

Pirate Camp 2010 is up and running!

12 young pirates, 3 helper pirates, one fabulous parent volunteer (our Chuck T!) got sailing camp off to a great start yesterday. We'll have 3 more days of dinghy sailing, and a picnic sail to Saddlebag on Friday. Good times were had by all! More pictures will be posted later...

If you have kids with basic sailing skills who are interested in dinghy racing, sign them up for Dinghy Race Week. Next week, we'll be sailing Monday- Thursday.


Let's Go Sailing!

The Anacortes Yacht Club's premiere distance race is fast approaching. The Northern Century Regatta starts Friday the the 27th of Fogust(August) out at the tanker dock. The course goes up to Pt Roberts then out to Hein Bank, the choice of course is yours of course; then back to A-town. 10 boats signed up so far..... Talk to your crew see who is up for a mid-summer night adventure in the Salish Sea.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

July Lido Fleet Newsletter...

The Lido Fleet just published their July newsletter - get your copy here.  As you will see the Fleet has been very on:

Lido Fleet Newsletter - July 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help a Scout Out!

Friday Aug 6th the AYC is hosting a group of Scouts from Portland, OR. They are planning on doing some landscaping as a service project for our club. They have done this in the past and we have taken them sailing. They would like to go out on the water again. Goto forums and click on the thread or contact ED K. if you can help! (Be Prepared)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pirate Camp is baaaaaaaack!!!

Registration for Pirate Camp is open now for AYC families! Another year of fun is just around the corner. This year, we'll have two weeks of sailing goodness... hooray!

Fill out a registration form for each child and mail it to:

Stephanie Schwenk
1312 35th St, Anacortes
Or bring it on Wednesday night!

Email if you have any questions or if you want to RSVP before registration forms are posted:

Mikey Likes It!

AYC member Kevin Welch recently returned from a family summer cruise aboard ICON his Perry 66 to attend Whidbey Island Race Week aboard his Melges 24 "Mikey". AYC members Ian and Joy Sloan as well as Jeff Madrigali of North Sails rounded out the crew.

The Melges 24 fleet has traditionally been a battleground for many nationally and internatinally ranked sailors which makes Kevin's scores of (1,1,1,1,1,....they threw out a 2nd) that much more impressive.

After having a race they were leading thrown out the first day then being holed on the first start of the next day it's easy to imagine 1st place does not come easy. They also earned best performance of any boat for the week for the overall win. Checkout "Mikey" on the hydro hoist at the head of P dock @ Cap Sante and congratulations for a terrifiic victory!

2010 WIRW Week...

The 2010 Whidbey Island Race Week (WIRW) finished up yesterday in Penn Cove in perfect conditions. For those new to this event, it consists of a week-long series of buoy racing in Penn Cove (near Oak Harbor) and is an annual sailing tradition in the Northwest.

AYC was represented by two boats - Teddy Bear in P0 and Mikey in P5 (one-design Melges 24 fleet).

Monday was a bust with racing abandoned in Penn Cove after most of the fast P0 boats couldn't finish the course.  The races on Tuesday and Wednesday were run in Penn Cove in a light west to northwesterly wind.  On Thursday the conditions changed with a moderate southerly, so racing was moved out into Saratoga Passage.  On Friday racing moved back to Penn Cove but with a one hour delay due to the race committee boat getting stuck in the mud in Oak Harbor.

In the end, AYC boats had a good showing, with Teddy Bear earning 5th in the very tough P0 fleet and Mikey winning both the P5 class and "Boat of the Week".

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super Summer Sailing

From the raging Pacific to the High Sierra here's the report: First I flew to San Diego to bring the Tanton 72 "Velos" to Anacortes for a fresh coat of paint and some other odds and ends. Tom Gilbert and Dave Martin of Grafix fame along with Dave's neighbor headed out into the whale pasture and turned North for A town. The trip was largely uneventful until Cape Mendocino featured 15-20 foot seas and 45kt wind reslting in the 2 and 3 ply main coming apart and actually forcing the boat backwards down a wave at one point, then an overheated engine and a run back to Pt. Richmond, California. Steph and the boys arrived with the Wild Rumpus on the trailer three days later and we headed to Santa Cruz, CA for a PHRF Championship Regatta. Unfortunately this was cancelled and we partcipated in the Alfred E Newman Regatta instead. AYC members Jim Bottles and Jason Huizenga were on the crew and we rattled off a string of bullets. AYC member Lori Gillmer provided shore patrol duty. Next up was Monterey Bay aquarium(don't miss this, PHENOMENAL) and a road trip to 7200 ft to Huntington Lake outside Fresno for the High Sierra Regatta and Sc 27's Nationals. I did RC flag duty for the Lidos and watched Orsisnis and Johns battle all over the lake often finishing overlapped after several miles of racing. (42 boats in all ) 12 SC 27's attended and former AYC commodore Chuck Tidrington and crew won the the 4th of 6 races. The Rumpians finished 3rd in High Sierra and 2nd in the Nationals with Steph driving, Andy pulling strings, and AYC member Marcy Shapely holding down the foredeck. Next up is 'Round Shaw Island then Hood River for the notorious "Double Damned"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blatant Product Promotion...

We don't normally promote products (and in particular movies), but this upcoming movie is worth passing on.  It has the makings of a being worthy successor to "Wind" & "Morning Light" and is called "Charlie St. Cloud".

Interestingly, the star of the movie (no not one of the actors) is presently sitting on the hard in Marine Service Centers Yard.  Opening July 30th in a theater near you, this one may be worth watching...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Multiple Scored Races Wednesday Night - Your Vote Needed...

The race committee is considering running multiple scored races this Wednesday night using separate start-finish lines (this is commonly done at WIRW, but we haven't typically done it at AYC).

Some people like the idea of having multiple scored races on Wednesday night (provided the course is well set and it doesn't run too late); others only want one race scored and if a second one is run it should be for fun only...

Here is your chance to weigh in on this topic - if the majority of responses are in support of multiple races then the race committee will attempt to do this - otherwise they will only run once race that counts towards the series...

Chime in HERE...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

AYC racers head south for gold and glory..

During the next couple of weeks, AYC racers will be invading the state of California and representing our great club in their respective classes. Huntington Lake, high in the Sierra Mountains (over 7000') will be the venue for the racing.

Fresno Yacht Club will host the High Sierra Regatta Centerboard Division on the weekend of July 10th-11th. In the Lido 14 Class, Steve and Ginger Orsini (hull #6310) and Colin Orsini and Lisa Acomb (hull #5029) will represent AYC. To date, there are 46 Lido 14's registered for this event! The following week, July 13th-15th, Fresno Yacht Club will host the Lido 14 National Championship Regatta. In addition to the Orsini boats, Garrett and Tracy Johns (hull #5126) will be racing on behalf of AYC. 44 Lido 14's are signed up for the National Championship to date!

As the Lido teams close things out on Thursday, Huntington Lake will be invaded by the bigger boats arriving for the High Sierra Regatta Keel boat Division on the weekend of July 17th-18th. In conjunction with this, the Santa Cruz 27's will be holding their National Championships! Representing AYC for this event will be the Schwenks on the deadly Wild Rumpus and Chuck Tidrington on the might Cookie Monster. To date, 12 Santa Cruz 27's will be lined up on the start line for this event!

Good luck to all the AYC Racers!!!

For updates and results.......

Thursday, July 01, 2010

2010 Northern Century Registration Open

For those of you who like to plan ahead, the 2010 Northern Century is now open for registration.  The Northern Century is sponsored by the Anacortes Yacht Club and is the club's premier distance event.

2010 will be the third running of this epic event and there will be two divisions - a double-handed division and a fully crewed division. The course starts in Fidalgo Bay and heads north to Point Roberts, down Boundary Passage, then south through Haro Strait to Hein Bank and returns to Anacortes with a finish at the west entrance of Guemes Channel.

The race starts on Friday, August 27, 2010. Double-handed entries start at 1930 followed by fully crewed entries at 1940. It will likely take most competitors until Saturday night to finish and perhaps later. 

Now is your chance to register - Northern Century On-Line Registration

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kudos, etc from your REAR!!!!

Rear Commodore, that is!! Kudos to our VOLUNTEERS!!....first those that helped Phil Case paint, and then the bartenders..... Karl & Bev Dresen, Nancie Elliott, Ron Sawchenko, John and Gerri Gunn, Pam Edwards, Roger Born, Walt Meagher, Lin Folsom, Bill Short, Wendy Gray, Brandy Britton, Barb & Tom Stockton, Mellie Kennedy and if I'm forgetting someone...a special thanks to them!!!! Notice how many are new members...and how much fun they're having!!! You too can join in...just sign the sheet at the bar.
And kudos to Andy and Steph for the rousing success of the racing program!!! And to my Wendy Gray for the pics of new members...and to the $3 night crew (tonite Myra McEwan, Bob Knowles & Carol & Mike Herbert...more new members!!!!)
Remember, as these folks have, it's an all volunteer club and our success depends on us...all of us!!
On another note, for your information, AYC has an account at Fisheries Supply in Seattle...if you can't get it in town here, you might try them..Acct #613089 for online or your AYC membership card at the store.
See you all tonight!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey AYC sailors we need YOU!

Your adventurous Race Chairman is heading out to seek other sailing waters for awhile. Huntington Lake, then the Pacific, and back to Huntington, with a stop in SantaCruz in the middle... RC duties are typically filled in week by week, depending on who is available, with Andy helping out as needed. So, we need a couple weeks worth of volunteers in place before his ship has sailed...

June 30 is the first of Wally's Tours, near and dear to the RC's heart. We need a RC crew: boat and driver, chaseboat driver, recorder and flag person.

July 7: Steph is volunteering the Rumpus crew because we'll be loaded up on the trailer ready to head out on the road, but can stick around to run races that night.

July 14: third night of Wally's Tours: We need the same crew as above.

Be thinking of whether you can help with this, or know of someone who might like to help out. We'll fill these positions before we announce results after racing tonight. Doesn't have to be your entire crew, even one volunteer from a boat will get it done if we work together!

Monday, June 21, 2010

AYC does it again!

Warm southerly winds ruffled the skirts of the 6 brave skippers that took to the waters to do battle in 4 buoy races on Padilla Bay. Very tight starts and lots of corners, including an Olympic course kept the gaily attired crews holding onto their tiaras in the mayhem. Yes a womens' regatta @AYC is a sight to behold. Of course without a system in place for gender testing or performance enhancing drugs nearly anything goes. Thanks to Charlie and Debbie Guildner for providing an RC boat and all the helper people on board also Kyle for scoring and I think I spotted 3 different bartenders. Results are posted. 7 skippers, skipped services Sunday morning for the annual singlehanded race. Tanker dock, round Huckleberry and back. Steph on the Rumpus was first across with a full spinnaker and chose to go the wrong way around Huckleberry which turned out to be the right way but still couldn't find the legs to save time on new guy Mark Robie in Zipper, results to be announced Wednesday night. We will need RC help in July as the Rumpus is headed back to it's birthplace for some regattas, please contact Andy if you can help.

Northern Century Open for Registration...

For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for this moment, the Northern Century (Aug 27-29) is now open for registration HERE.

2010 will be the third running of this epic event and there will be two divisions (as usual) - a
double-handed division and a fully crewed division. The course starts in Fidalgo Bay and heads north to Point Roberts, down Boundary Passage, then south through Haro Strait to Hein Bank and returns to Anacortes with a finish at the west entrance of Guemes Channel.

The race starts on Friday, August 27, 2010. Double-handed entries start at 1930 followed by fully crewed entries at 1940. It will likely take most competitors until Saturday night to finish and perhaps later.

This year we are mixing things up a little and have even more prizes to distribute -
  • First, second and third place finishers in each division
  • The last boat to finish before the time limit in each division
  • The boat voted by the race committee as having the most fun during the event
  • Boats breaking the elapsed time records in each division

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get out the Boat: Girls and Singlehanded Regattas this weekend!

Saturday, June 19: Women's Regatta on the bay. Meet at AYC at 10:00 to register, have a skipper's meeting, then we'll go rig up and race. 3 races are planned in the Bay. AYC will be open after racing, and we'll have some fun prizes to give out. We recommend (of course! but don't require) dressing up in team gear. Boys may come along, especially if they plan to go in drag and serve the martinis! We'll bring tiaras for them!

Sunday, June 20: Singlehanded Race. Meet at 10:00 at AYC to register and have a skippers meeting. We'll head somewhere downwind and plan to be back by early afternoon. Again, AYC will be open and prizes will be awarded!

Come enjoy and join in! Bring your boat or just bring yourself. Come sail or just hang out and help. See you there!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Windermere Results Posted...

The preliminary Windermere Racing Results are now available HERE.  Many thanks to all who made this event possible - race committee, committee boats, food, registration, etc.  A special thanks goes to Andy and Stephanie Schwenk who made the entire event possible!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland Found...

In case you haven't been following the news, Abby Sunderland (16) sailed from California on 23 January 2010 to circumnavigate the globe in the yacht Wild Eyes. At approximately 1.00 a.m. (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Friday 11 June the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) detected transmissions from two distress beacons registered to Wild Eyes. The detections are currently in position 40 48 South 74 58 East, approximately 2033 nautical miles west south west from Perth in the central southern Indian Ocean. There are currently no communications with Wild Eyes.

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at La Reunion, operated by France, is coordinating the search & rescue response overall as Wild Eyes is in La Reunion's search and rescue region. Australia offered to assist if required.

La Reunion has requested air search assistance to establish the situation on scene, recognising that the remoteness of the location would delay any ship response. The most rapid means to get an aircraft on scene is to send a QANTAS A-330 Airbus passenger aircraft from Perth. The aircraft should be on scene mid-afternoon Friday 11 June. The aircraft mission will be to attempt to communicate with Ms Sunderland from high level and, if necessary, to descend and make visual contact to assess the circumstances.

La Reunion is coordinating three seaborne responses. A fishing vessel can be on scene on Saturday afternoon, a French Fisheries Patrol vessel can be on scene on Sunday morning, and an offshore support vessel can be there on Sunday evening. Each of the three vessels should be capable of conducting a rescue, subject to prevailing weather conditions.

The A-330 Airbus spotted Abby and here is what they saw - everything on deck gone! Looks like she will get a ride home starting Saturday afternoon...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mindless Musing from Someone with Excess Time...

Given that we have now completed all our scheduled distance races for the first half of the 2010 season we decided to take a look at the age old question - which scoring method results in fairer racing in our club - Time on Time (TOT) or Time on Distance (TOD)?

Now for all you closet theorists out there it is time to put away your favorite stories and take a hard look at the numbers - yes we know that half of you have already gone back to watching TV, but keep reading and you might learn something...

For this analysis we re-scored all AYC distance races since 2007 where there were more than two finishers using both TOT and TOD.  When doing this analysis we found that nearly all races fell into one of four general patterns:

  1. There was little difference between TOT and TOD scoring
  2. Both TOT and TOD scoring favored faster boats
  3. Both TOT and TOD scoring favored slower boats
  4. TOT and TOD scoring diverged
As an illustration of the first pattern (little or no difference), take a look at the following graph from the 2010 Smith Island Race - there was no bias towards slow or fast boats under TOT, but a slight bias towards slower boats under TOD:

To illustrate the second pattern (where both TOT and TOD favored faster boats), take a look at the following graph from the 2009 Sinclair Island Race.  Both TOT and TOD scoring favor faster boats.

To illustrate the third pattern (where both TOT and TOD favored slower boats), take a look at the following graph from the 2009 Foul Weather Race.  Both TOT and TOD scoring favor slower boats:

Finally, to illustrate the fourth pattern (where TOT and TOD scoring diverge), consider the 2009 Smith Island Race where TOT favored faster boats and TOD favored slower boats:

Now that you are totally confused we need to turn to some relatively simple statistical regression analysis tools to sort out this mess - and the results are somewhat surprising:

When analyzing these races (all AYC club distance races run since 2007 where more than two boats finished), TOT scoring has an 8.4% bias in favor of slower boats while TOD scoring has an 0.1% bias in favor of slower boats.  

To summarize, at least for club distance racing at AYC in our local waters with our local fleet, TOD scoring seems to produce less biased results - so there you have it...

PS - we will continue to analyze the numbers and give you an update at the end of the season!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Windermere is here! Where are you?

June 12/13 the AYC hosts the Gran Prix qualifier Windermere Regatta. Not only is this regatta known for great buoy racing but also legendary good times at the club. Fanny Alger will rock the house Saturday night and Friday is the annual Karaoke contest. Come on out and join in the racing.

This year is our first ever "Plastic Classic" division for boats over 5,000 disp. but under 30 loa. In the big boat div. be on the lookout for the rivalry between Carl and the bad buoys of Veloce and Tequila Dave and his crew of pirates aboard Vitesse. The Black and Blue racing team out of PMYC are bringing their sled Dos. The red hot Red Eye Express will be representing for OIYC. Fresh from their Swiftsure victory the Crazy Ivans are ready for a little closed course action. The Iconians are likely to give Big Blue a rest but what is up their sleeve, will it be Stranger, Slapper, Good Enuf, Mikey or the entire stable? With Little Annie out of action there is room for a new star in highest rating div.

If you want to race but don't have a ride come down to the club Wednesday night and we'll hook you up or goto the forums section of ths website and click on the crew section. If you are new to the club and just want to help out contact Andy @ 360 770 7035 and you'll find yourself shoulder to shoulder with chili dog chef Christy Sunday afternoon, or behind our new BMW vacuum Saturday night, or collecting T-shirt money Friday afternoon, all these people are important to make are our all volunteer club a continuing success.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wednesday Night Buoy Racing...

For those of you that missed it, last night was a fine evening to be on the water for buoy racing. Winds were 15-25 from the south west with plenty of carnage on the course! Here is a short video clip taken from the on-board camera of one of the prime examples of crazy driving -- enjoy!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

AYC rules the waves @ Swiftsure 2010

Swiftsure the annual regatta that is actually 5 races in one was held out of Victoria on Memorial Day weekend. AYC sent 9 boats. The weather was a mixed bag up to 35kts at the start to drifting conditions on the way home. There were reports of crew overboard, two rigs fell down, and on at least one boat someone forgot the can opener.... 

The Big Blue Show (Icon) skippered by Kevin Welch and helmed by Ian Trojan Warrior Sloan (ya just gotta see the helmet) was first home in the long course to Swiftsure Bank and back and corrected to 2nd in class A. Night Runner battled for a 3rd in class B on the same course. Passepartout skippered by Peter Red X Shainin the sole entry on the medium course to Flattery finished 8th in class F. Grafix co skippered by Tom Gilbert and Dave Martin featuring 6 AYC members on board got in for 3rd in class L the juan de Fuca Race. Crazy Ivan sailed by Chris White was the sole winner in class M. Cat Sass sailed to a fourth in div. Q with Keith Rubin and Pat Barrett on board for the entire race no salvage vessels necesary. Son of Raven, Wild Rumpus (only all team estrogen entry), and Alakazam also represented for the scarlet letter A. 

Victoria puts on a good show and if you catch the tide right you can be there in 5 hours. (even on a rag bagger) Lessons learned....
  1. An American dollar is no longer worth a whole lot more than a Looney.
  2. Sailing wth your friends in big winds and adverse currents makes for a lively ride!
  3. Don't forget they charge duty on wine @ customs...
  4. Family trips on boats sometimes involve air discomfort bags (lots of them)
  5. How come the rum is always gone?
  6. Even if it's your 30th anniversary you will still see some familiar faces, they just look older..
  7. Smitty's breakfast joint is outta business:.(
  8. The Empress is still as impressive as ever, I still buy that special toffee there
  9. Roaming charges suck!
  10. We'll be back next year!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Night Racing is On...

In case you were wondering - YES there is racing tonight and there are rumors that it will be scored!  The word is that our illustrious commodore is coming up with a triangle course for tonight that can be sailed either way.  Perhaps he will throw in a reverse start to further confuse things...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Mayhem...

Here is an eyewitness report from our very own Bill Bowman from Cap Sante Head last Wednesday - most boats wisely stayed in for this race...

Last night I observed the AYC fleet from Cap Sante head.The predicted forcast was calling for 25-35 knots with gusts to 40 and thunderstorms. 

About twenty of us watched from Cap Sante head.The competetors were Wild Rumpus a Santa Cruz 27,Emoyeni an Islander 30,Celebration a J-30,Crazy Ivan a J-80,Kymodoce an Ericson 29, and Syndi-Cat a Catalina 27. Course was South and North marks, once around. Rumpus crossed start line on port tack first with full main,some others had reefs.

Rumpus led around windward mark w/ 10-20 boat lengths margin.Not surprisingly they were the only ones to set their chute,which briefly skyed. Celebration and Emoyeni were neck and neck on the downwind run in a horse race of their own,followed by Kymodoce w/ ~ 70% jib and 2nd reef. Followed by C.I. and Syn. 

With wind against tide the Guemes Channel was a washing machine so when W.R. was about a minute into it, they broached. Mast in water, chute retrieved, popped back up,jib up,kept going like nothing happened. 

Break...had to pick up son from piano lesson. Returned 20 min. later, and W.R.was just finishing. As remaining boats finished in their order of start, Kim on Syndicat almost goes in, and crew Nathan from Nebraska, slides across the deck and through the lifelines into the balmy 50 degree bay during a tack. Safely retrieved,yet quite a baptism for a Nebraskan. All this to the amazement of the 20+ sailors observing safely from Cap Sante head. 

HAT'S OFF TO THE HEARTY! Bill B. s/v Kinetic Ki, safely ashore at dry storage.