Sunday, February 28, 2010

Foulweather Fun!

The 2010 version of the annual AYC Girts Rekevics Memorial Foulweather Race/Cruise got off to an on time start provided by Colin Emsley and Commisioner Rubin. 19 boats made the starting line 15 in the racing div and 4 cruisers. Grafix nailed the start and all set course across Rosario Strait for Thatcher Pass.Wind was puffy and a strong ebb current, coupled with rusty crews from a winter spent watching the Olympics, made for interesting spinnaker trim and odd sail handling. 

Of course a ferry and a tug and barge that seemed intent on getting close up views of the lone multihull Kinetic Ki added to the action. Icon was soon striding out to a comfortable lead chased by the two Schwenks, Steph on Wild Rumpus and Andy on Ol' yeller desperately trying to keep it shiny side up and recording speeds to 14 knots. Passepartout was out of retirement with a crew of 12 charging through 3-4 slop with a few that seemed larger. 

Thatcher Pass was not the parking lot of old, Icon gybed twice and was gone heartening the crew of Celebration who did a little bottom surveying last year. Emoyeni survived a wild gybe but mangled a mainsheet shackle and knotted up 12' of line to 12" with a quick fix. The boats that ran North up the Blakely shore were able to get some current releif and we still weren't an hour into the race!!! 

Syndicat and Handyman heated up the old rivalry as they dodged crabpots on the run to Upright Head. By now all the laundry the crews could hoist was flying and a newcomer from Lopez, Waioli was turning the heads of the grizzled veterans on Hoerndag.The turn into Upright Channel had skippers scratching heads as to which headsail to risk. The fractional rig of Pulelehua is a plus here as the giant main is deadly on a reach. 2008 champion Blackfoot dueled with the best race/ cruise organizers on either side of the Skagit river (thanks guys!) Jim and Staci and crew aboard Celebration. 

Now it was a slide in a building breeze to the finish as Icon wove her way back through fleet making the skipper of Kymodoce wonder if he would have to score a two lap race! The cruisers arrived and all boats were parked along G dock for a good old fashioned dock party. Rain threatened and crews hunkered below decks then the sun broke through and foulies were traded for dinner attire (or not) Thanks to Downriggers for a fine meal served in fine style. 

Congratulations to Bart Maupin and BYC for taking home the trophy for 2 outa the last 3 years. Next time a state patrolman finds reason to pull you over look for a big smile and some salt on behind his ears, it could be the 2010 champ.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to New Members...

The following people were voted in as new members during the AYC board meeting Tuesday night.  Please join us in welcoming them to the club:

Elise King
Elise is a junior member that is active on the high school sailing team. She has been sailing for 4 years and is looking forward to day cruising and racing.

Doug Long and Mar Jean Knokey
Doug and Mar Jean own a Morgan Cortez 39 named Carric. They came to Anacortes in 1999 for a visit and decided this was the place to settle down and enjoy the local sailing opportunities. They are looking forward to overnight cruising and want to get involved in the club galley and bar operations.

Calvin and Joan Mickelson
Cal and Joan have lived in Anacortes for 8 years and have been avid sailors for many years having chartered around the country and in the Caribbean. They currently sail Dove, their Catalina 22 and are looking forward to overnight cruising and day racing.

Bill and Darith Langjahr
Bill and Darith come to us from the Port Ludlow Yacht Club. They have been around boats since early childhood and currently sail their Willard 40 Pilot House. Amoung their many interests, they enjoy decorating for special events.

Ian Sloan and Joy Brown
Ian has been a part of the local boating industry having started a rigging business in 2007 and representing UK Halsey. He currently races his J/27 and is looking forward to participating in club races.

Greg McCroskey
Greg has lived in Anacortes for the past 8 years and has been boating for 30 years. He now has a 505 and has never raced but is looking forward to learning. Look for Greg out on the course on Wednesday nights.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Foul Weather Registration Update...

Registration is still open for the 2010 Foul Weather Race.  The race starts at 9:00am at the west entrance to Guemes Channel (don't forget) on Saturday, Feb 27.  There are presently 20 boats registered (17 racers and 3 cruisers). Our 2009 winner - Syndicat - just registered, so it is looking like we will have a race on our hands!

Looking into the weather crystal ball - it looks like a weak low pressure system will be passing through on Friday, but Saturday should shape up to be a reasonable day to be on the water! If you haven't done so already and want to participate, register now....

Here is the link to ON-LINE-REGISTRATION.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Foul Weather Race Update...

The registrations are starting to come in - as of Tuesday morning, Feb 23 we had ten (10) racers registered and two (2) cruisers.  If you are thinking about participating we have room for more, so jump in and register on-line HERE.

In case you haven't heard, there are now two divisions - a racing division where you will be scored, and a cruising division with no scoring.  Both divisions get one free t-shirt with your registration, plus you can purchase dinner tickets and additional t-shirts on-line.

While the weather looks like it will deteriorate later this week, things are supposed to turn around by the weekend with light southerly winds to 10 knots - great sailing!

Now is your chance!

We Need You!

Here's a chance to have some fun. Anacortes Yacht Club features two premiere buoy regattas each year, Tulip Regatta April 10/11, and Windermere June 12/13. There is also Northern Century a distance Regatta in August. Each of these regattas is an opportunity for you to give back to our all volunteer club. Enthusiasm and willingness are all that are required. We need scorers, burger flippers, mark setters, registrars, bartenders, clean up crew, set up crew, bartenders, commitee boats, protest commitee, and more. We have a ton of new members and lots of "old" members looking to re-connect to the magic of AYC. Please call Walt Meagher 941-0854 right away to help with Tulip or Andy Schwenk 770-7035 to help with Windermere.

February Lido 14 Newsletter Posted...

For those Lido 14 racing fans out there, the February Lido Fleet Newsletter has been posted on the website (under the Lido 14 racing section) or you can get it HERE.

Also, by way of reminder the Andrew Kerr Sailing Seminar is coming up April 30 and May 1 - you can register for this event on-line HERE.  As of Tuesday, Feb 23 there were seven (7) boats registered for this event.

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Not so Foul Weather Race" One Week Away...

The "Not so Foul Weather" race is now one week away - Saturday, February 27!  This event is open to BOTH racers and cruisers (sail & power).   Racers start at 9:00am (not at 9:30am like the other races) at the west entrance to Guemes channel.  Cruisers can start anytime.  Following the event Saturday night in Friday Harbor we have a great dinner planned - details are available on the club website. 

You need to register on-line for this event HERE - the cost is $25.00 for racers and $20.00 for cruisers - your event fee includes a special event t-shirt.  Dinner fees are additional.

Dinner tickets must be purchased by Wednesday night (Feb 24).  If you want to pickup your t-shirt at the event your order must be in by Sunday night (Feb 21), otherwise you will get your t-shirt after the event.

Come join us in the annual AYC tradition!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BMWO Wins Race #2 - Wins AC 33

We thought we were seeing one of the most impressive come backs anywhere!  After a six hour delay at the start while the wind finally settled in, and half way up the first beat of race two, Alinghi has a 400 meter lead with the help of a nice shift, and appeared to be going quite well - certainly much better than in race one. We'd guess booting Beratelli off the wheel for Loick Peyron has probably helped...They do have a penalty turn to do, however.

Things changed! BMWO seemed to get going better at the end of the beat, picked a perfect layline, while it looked like Alinghi blew a chance to tack in front or lee bow BMWO, and that allowed BMWO to round the weather mark first, and they sailed away in the final two reaching legs winning the event by 5:28.  Top speeds in the reaching leg approached 33 knots for BMWO.

Alinghi has a penalty flag flying, so the outcome is still a little uncertain...  Stay tuned for updates...

UPDATE - Alinghi dropped their protest.  It looks like the America's Cup is coming back to the US.  Particular congratulations to Core Builders on a job well done!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

On-Site Report from Valencia...

Here is a report that just came in from Valencia from our very own Stephen Orsini...

The start was heaven then hell. Wind was 5 knots, maybe, and Alinghi sailed back and forth before the 10 minute gun lifting an alma with the Swiss boats chearing and ringing their cow bells. Bertarelli drove- a great help to USA 17. USA just marked time sailing back and forth slowly under wing only. Just before the 10 minute gun LarryE got of and shortly after two crew dove overboard to lighten the load.

At just after the 5 minute gun but after pulling down the genoa - interesting - 17 unrolled a jib spun into a turn with an alma high in the air- the BMWOracle fans exploded in cheers.

In a coin flip last Sunday,USA 17 won the advantaged starboard entry. At about 3 minutes both boats entered aiming right at each other woth a closing speed of 40 knots. Alinghi on burdened port tact was like a deer in the headlights, not bearing up or away. Spithill had to put the helm hard up in a ripping starboard turn. The jib was instantly furled and the protest flag went up on her stern. Seconds later the judges awarded her a blue flag hanging a penalty on Alinghi. The two boats sat in the dial-up for a very long time- Ainghi to leward. Both boats were on course side. About 30 seconds pre-start, Alinghi boar off to port circling back toward the start line. 17 did not move. She was in irons hard. At the gun, Alinghi made a near perfect start just passng astern of 17 - hardly moving. While Alinghi sprinted up the course, 17 finally got enough steerage to bear of and wadled, like an albatros struggling on land, back toward the line. Alinghi was 500 meters ahead when the albatros got the all clear flag and turned up wind and she was transformed to her elements of wind and water and she took glorious flight. The 68 meter wing took hold, windward alma and center hull came off the sea. Her bows went down and she flew forward, a sea hawk with a terrifying eye fixed on the hapless unsuspecting gull ahead.

In 6-8 knots these birds flew about 20 but 17 consistently held a 1 to 4 knot advantage. 17 caught her prey half way to the weather mark. She furlled the jib and sailed markedly higher and a bit faster without it. She rounded the weather mark cleanly ahead and her rounding was efficient. Alinghi in reading a genoa for down wind dropping her raised alma slowing her well begore the mark.

Downwind, the rest is history with a lead that was as high as 2800 meters.

The Cup is coming home.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Race #2 - BMWO vs Alinghi

Race #2 between BMWO (1) and Alinghi (0) will be presented live at the AYC clubhouse starting at 11:30pm, Saturday February 13.  The bar will be open and there will be food (courtesy of the Adrift & Core Builders).  The anticipated start will be around 1:00am on Sunday, February 14.

BMWO had a very convincing win this morning, but anything could happen this next race as it is do or die for Alinghi....the weather is also looking relatively good, so it is likely at this point that there will be racing...

Party Tonight...and then tomorrow night..BMWOracle

Tonight is Gen'l Meeting and Steph's B'day party (dress as you were when 21!!!) with food and dancing! WOW!!!
Then tomorrow night (Saturday!) we'll open around midnite for Race #2 (the final??) for the anticipated (forecast looks good!!) start at 0100. Again ADRIFT (thank you Core Builders!) will provide food and the bar will be open!! Don't miss either of these historic events!!!!

BMWO Wins Race #1

BMW Oracle convincingly won the first race in a best of three (3) races against Alinghi this morning. Alinghi had a penalty at the start.  The next race is scheduled for Sunday...

More to come shortly...

The America's Cup is On...

Amazingly, the America's Cup is on and the boats are racing. Yes, racing!  Alinghi fouled BMWO badly at the start, and early on it looks like BMW is a bit faster, quite a bit faster, actually.

Check it out here...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interesting BMWO Video...

In case you ever wanted to be bowman on the BMWO boat, check out this video:

Latest Valencia Weather Forecast - No Racing on Friday

This just came in from Stephen Orsini - no racing on friday, so the club will NOT be open tonight...

Tim and I just reviewed the BMW Oracle weather forecast and it means
no race tomorrow.

Winds will be up to 26 knots tonight which means the sea will be lumpy
with 1-3 meters predicted. USA 17 is not itself good in three meter
swells. The wind does drop to 5-7 knots tomorrow about 10:00 am but
the sea state will cancel tomorrow evening. Sunday is better but it
is a lay-day. Again Monday looks bad. So I will return to Anacortes
on Saturday with not one AC 33 race under my belt. I guess that is
sailboat racing in these big multihulls.

Report from Valencia...

Here is a report we just received from Stephen Orsini who is on-site at Valencia and staying with Tim Smythe of Core Builders / BMWO (builder of DOGzilla)...

Well, Tim and I are back in the apartment here at 5:30 pm. I am just rip-shit angry and Tim is wishing he could just end the agony. It was a great day for sailing in Valencia. At 10:00 am we had a nice 10 knot breeze, building a little, sunny, blue sky--- but Alinghi never even got their sailing gear on. The race committee postponed to about 12:30 pm and then cancelled based on the sea state, which was a lazy long swell of maybe a meter to a meter and a half, but you could not see it from the shore. The race committee, however, said it was too much wave action and there were shifts in the wind over the 40 mile course.

Shifts on a 40 mile course are going to be hard to escape. A small rolling swell out on the sea? Apparently the Swiss designers were not told there could actually be waves on the sea! What Alinghi wants is 5 knots of breeze and pan flat sea, otherwise they won't come out to play.

On the other hand, at least everyone got to see Alinghi in action and what BMW Oracle has had to deal with since 2007. February 12 is the next scheduled race day, but the preliminary forecast is for a front coming in. We will try to give you a forecast by tomorrow afternoon Valencia time. Do not hold your breath.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Again, no race today (last night). Next scheduled is Friday (Thursday midnight) but at this stage the weather forecast doesn't look stay tuned, we'll keep ya posted.... and concentrate on STEPH'S B'day and the Gen'l Mtg Friday evening!

Forever 21; where were you in 1991?

This Friday night AYC is the place to be....isn't it always? Come one, come all and help celebrate Mama Schwenks' big FOUR OH! Theme is Forever 21 so pretend it's your first legal drinky poo, or buy one for Stephy poo! The band is Motown Cowboys and features our very own AYC member Keith Stone on sax and flute (maybe tambourine as well ). Dinner is chicken teriyaki, let Liz Oneill know if yer hungry, band will start @ 1930.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Latest News from Valencia...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 9:00pm
The latest word from VALENCIA is that there will be a 2 hour delay, BUT at or about 0830 (Valencia time) a decision will be made re racing for the day. That would be just before midnight tonight here.   

The club will be open around 1130.....if there's a chance they'll race we can wait until 0300 and watch, if not, we can spend some time commiserating with the bar open and then go home early!!   See ya then!   

Welcome to New Members...

The club has been blessed with a number of new members this year - please join the board in welcoming them to the club...

Joyce Kennedy
Joyce is currently boatless but enjoys sailing, fishing, crabbing and most anything that gets her out on the water. She brings an interest in cruising, racing, social events planning and bar operations to the club. Please welcome Joyce.

Semmes and Pamela Mickelwait
The Mickelwaits live in Bow, Wa. and, for the last eight years, have enjoyed sailing. Currently, they sail a Freedom 36 named Soul Food. They look forward to joining us on day races and cruising, and are interested in getting involved with the Ships Store and galley operations. Please make them feel at home with us.

John and Michele Pope
John and Michele live in Anacortes and are small boat advocates, sailing a Ranger 22 and Lido 14. While involved in many civic, recreational and fraternal organizations, they still have time cruising, racing, social events and an interest in governmental affairs. Say, “Hi” to John and Michele.

Walt and Christine Schad
The Schads are returning to the club along with their Rafiki 35 named Percepcion. Having lived for 40 years in the Seattle area, they enjoy overnight and offshore cruising and would like to get involved with the cruising committee. Welcome back Walt and Christine.

Matthew and Charissa Weaver
The Weavers have lived in Anacortes nearly 3 years and are involved in the Marine industry. While sailing an Oregon Dory 18, they also enjoy their Laser and 15’ catamaran. They look forward to overnight cruises, day racing, social events and family outings. They bring interests in Ships Store, by-laws, moorage and budget to the club. Please welcome Matt and Charissa.

Vincent and Linda Henley
Vincent and Linda are new to the area, having relocated from The San Francisco Bay area where they were involved with the Loch Lomond Yacht Club in San Rafael. They sail a West Wight Potter 19 named Ithuriel’s and are looking forward to overnight cruises and social events. The roster, by-laws and bar operations are also of interest to them. Vince and Linda, glad to have you with us.

Marcy Shapley and David Allan
Marcy and Allan live in La Conner and enjoy sailing their Laser and look forward to Sunday sails. They are interested in day racing and cruising.

Michael and Carol Herbert
Michael and Carol are retired and enjoy living in Anacortes where they sail an Ericson 23 and cruise in the comfort of Fairweather their 45’ Monk sedan. Mike looks forward to racing Heron, his Ericson during the summer. They are interested in helping out in any way they can. Welcome Mike and Carol.  

Monday, February 08, 2010


Well, we were there, 75+ of us, but Mother Nature bats last, and the race was abandoned for lack of wind. BUT, the forecast looks better, and the first race is now scheduled for Wednesday, same time...0100. Again, we'll open the Club shortly before midnite on TUESDAY and have the same format. Nicole (and ADRIFT) have graciously offered some snacks, we'll have the bar until 2AM, streaming on the big screen and hope to see you all again!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Judgment Day for BMWO - How to watch....

Judgment Day approaches for the BMWO team in their bid to win the Americas Cup back from the evil empire Alinghi.  As most of you know the AYC clubhouse will be open at midnight Sunday, Feb 7 for the festivities.  Several of you have asked how you can watch the events over the internet at home.  Well, suffice to say you can watch it right here...

Please understand that we are unsure how well this will work with the anticipated volume of viewers, so if the stream you are watching has issues you might want to try another!

AC Official Internet Streaming Program
Noteyou must install RayV player

Saturday 6 February 2010: from 4 pm (CET): Owners Press Conference
Sunday 7 February 2010: Opening Event
Monday 8 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): First Race
Wednesday 10 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): Second Race
Friday 12 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): Third Race (if required)

Official Sailing Anarchy AC OTW Internet Stream with the Clean Crew

BMW / Oracle Web Streaming

Other Web Streaming Sites

Saturday, February 06, 2010

BMW/Oracle Update...

Here is the latest video from Valencia - remember we will have live video feed from the Deed of Gift Challenge starting at midnight Sunday, February 7...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wild Laser Sailing...

Once in a while we come across a great clip that we can't resist sharing - check out these "kids" sailing offshore in 30-35 knots of wind in Lasers....

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


THIS IS IT!! After all the legal shenanigans, the Deed of Gift Challenge hits the starting line in Valencia Monday Feb 8 at 1006 (GMT-1) with our very own BMWOracle (USA) against ALINGHI. That's nine (9) hours difference so the Club will open at midnight (Sunday), CORE builders will bring their crew and provide food, the bar will open SO be there...bring your friends, anyone interested, your sleeping bag, pillows, and enjoy, with us, this historic event..for Anacortes and for sailing!!!