Sunday, February 14, 2010

BMWO Wins Race #2 - Wins AC 33

We thought we were seeing one of the most impressive come backs anywhere!  After a six hour delay at the start while the wind finally settled in, and half way up the first beat of race two, Alinghi has a 400 meter lead with the help of a nice shift, and appeared to be going quite well - certainly much better than in race one. We'd guess booting Beratelli off the wheel for Loick Peyron has probably helped...They do have a penalty turn to do, however.

Things changed! BMWO seemed to get going better at the end of the beat, picked a perfect layline, while it looked like Alinghi blew a chance to tack in front or lee bow BMWO, and that allowed BMWO to round the weather mark first, and they sailed away in the final two reaching legs winning the event by 5:28.  Top speeds in the reaching leg approached 33 knots for BMWO.

Alinghi has a penalty flag flying, so the outcome is still a little uncertain...  Stay tuned for updates...

UPDATE - Alinghi dropped their protest.  It looks like the America's Cup is coming back to the US.  Particular congratulations to Core Builders on a job well done!

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