Sunday, February 07, 2010

Judgment Day for BMWO - How to watch....

Judgment Day approaches for the BMWO team in their bid to win the Americas Cup back from the evil empire Alinghi.  As most of you know the AYC clubhouse will be open at midnight Sunday, Feb 7 for the festivities.  Several of you have asked how you can watch the events over the internet at home.  Well, suffice to say you can watch it right here...

Please understand that we are unsure how well this will work with the anticipated volume of viewers, so if the stream you are watching has issues you might want to try another!

AC Official Internet Streaming Program
Noteyou must install RayV player

Saturday 6 February 2010: from 4 pm (CET): Owners Press Conference
Sunday 7 February 2010: Opening Event
Monday 8 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): First Race
Wednesday 10 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): Second Race
Friday 12 February 2010 from 10 am (CET): Third Race (if required)

Official Sailing Anarchy AC OTW Internet Stream with the Clean Crew

BMW / Oracle Web Streaming

Other Web Streaming Sites

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