Thursday, April 15, 2010

PHRF Ratings Changes...

Listen up - if you are racing you need to know this, especially if you are participating in the April 17, 2010 Viti Rocks Race:

PHRF Northwest recently made a decision that all ratings must be a multiple of three (3).  This means that if your rating is not a multiple of 3 you will be issued a new PHRF certificate.

Unfortunately this creates a mess as we are in the middle of an on-going series with races yet to run.  Our esteemed race committee chairman has decided to implement the following plan (at least until he changes his mind).  Here it is - read carefully:

  1. Boats that have started a series must finish sailing in that series using the rating they started with.  This only affects the Champagne & Tri-Straits series (both of which have one race left).
  2. New boats that join a series already in process would sail under the rating that they would have sailed under had they started at the beginning of the series.  If no such rating exists or is not known, then they would sail under their current rating.
  3. The club will start using the new ratings for all new series or new individual races not part of a series.
Hopefully this will provide some order to this change and make it fair for all competitors.

NOTE - for those racers participating in Saturday's (April 17) Viti Rocks race - this is a pursuit race and you will need to obtain your start time from the race committee on the water or by downloading the start sheet AVAILABLE HERE from the club website.  This start sheet will be prepared in accordance with the policies outlined earlier in this post.  Make sure you check the club website Friday evening in case there have been any changes.

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