Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Mayhem...

Here is an eyewitness report from our very own Bill Bowman from Cap Sante Head last Wednesday - most boats wisely stayed in for this race...

Last night I observed the AYC fleet from Cap Sante head.The predicted forcast was calling for 25-35 knots with gusts to 40 and thunderstorms. 

About twenty of us watched from Cap Sante head.The competetors were Wild Rumpus a Santa Cruz 27,Emoyeni an Islander 30,Celebration a J-30,Crazy Ivan a J-80,Kymodoce an Ericson 29, and Syndi-Cat a Catalina 27. Course was South and North marks, once around. Rumpus crossed start line on port tack first with full main,some others had reefs.

Rumpus led around windward mark w/ 10-20 boat lengths margin.Not surprisingly they were the only ones to set their chute,which briefly skyed. Celebration and Emoyeni were neck and neck on the downwind run in a horse race of their own,followed by Kymodoce w/ ~ 70% jib and 2nd reef. Followed by C.I. and Syn. 

With wind against tide the Guemes Channel was a washing machine so when W.R. was about a minute into it, they broached. Mast in water, chute retrieved, popped back up,jib up,kept going like nothing happened. 

Break...had to pick up son from piano lesson. Returned 20 min. later, and W.R.was just finishing. As remaining boats finished in their order of start, Kim on Syndicat almost goes in, and crew Nathan from Nebraska, slides across the deck and through the lifelines into the balmy 50 degree bay during a tack. Safely retrieved,yet quite a baptism for a Nebraskan. All this to the amazement of the 20+ sailors observing safely from Cap Sante head. 

HAT'S OFF TO THE HEARTY! Bill B. s/v Kinetic Ki, safely ashore at dry storage. 

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