Tuesday, June 01, 2010

AYC rules the waves @ Swiftsure 2010

Swiftsure the annual regatta that is actually 5 races in one was held out of Victoria on Memorial Day weekend. AYC sent 9 boats. The weather was a mixed bag up to 35kts at the start to drifting conditions on the way home. There were reports of crew overboard, two rigs fell down, and on at least one boat someone forgot the can opener.... 

The Big Blue Show (Icon) skippered by Kevin Welch and helmed by Ian Trojan Warrior Sloan (ya just gotta see the helmet) was first home in the long course to Swiftsure Bank and back and corrected to 2nd in class A. Night Runner battled for a 3rd in class B on the same course. Passepartout skippered by Peter Red X Shainin the sole entry on the medium course to Flattery finished 8th in class F. Grafix co skippered by Tom Gilbert and Dave Martin featuring 6 AYC members on board got in for 3rd in class L the juan de Fuca Race. Crazy Ivan sailed by Chris White was the sole winner in class M. Cat Sass sailed to a fourth in div. Q with Keith Rubin and Pat Barrett on board for the entire race no salvage vessels necesary. Son of Raven, Wild Rumpus (only all team estrogen entry), and Alakazam also represented for the scarlet letter A. 

Victoria puts on a good show and if you catch the tide right you can be there in 5 hours. (even on a rag bagger) Lessons learned....
  1. An American dollar is no longer worth a whole lot more than a Looney.
  2. Sailing wth your friends in big winds and adverse currents makes for a lively ride!
  3. Don't forget they charge duty on wine @ customs...
  4. Family trips on boats sometimes involve air discomfort bags (lots of them)
  5. How come the rum is always gone?
  6. Even if it's your 30th anniversary you will still see some familiar faces, they just look older..
  7. Smitty's breakfast joint is outta business:.(
  8. The Empress is still as impressive as ever, I still buy that special toffee there
  9. Roaming charges suck!
  10. We'll be back next year!!!

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