Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey AYC sailors we need YOU!

Your adventurous Race Chairman is heading out to seek other sailing waters for awhile. Huntington Lake, then the Pacific, and back to Huntington, with a stop in SantaCruz in the middle... RC duties are typically filled in week by week, depending on who is available, with Andy helping out as needed. So, we need a couple weeks worth of volunteers in place before his ship has sailed...

June 30 is the first of Wally's Tours, near and dear to the RC's heart. We need a RC crew: boat and driver, chaseboat driver, recorder and flag person.

July 7: Steph is volunteering the Rumpus crew because we'll be loaded up on the trailer ready to head out on the road, but can stick around to run races that night.

July 14: third night of Wally's Tours: We need the same crew as above.

Be thinking of whether you can help with this, or know of someone who might like to help out. We'll fill these positions before we announce results after racing tonight. Doesn't have to be your entire crew, even one volunteer from a boat will get it done if we work together!

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