Friday, June 25, 2010

Kudos, etc from your REAR!!!!

Rear Commodore, that is!! Kudos to our VOLUNTEERS!!....first those that helped Phil Case paint, and then the bartenders..... Karl & Bev Dresen, Nancie Elliott, Ron Sawchenko, John and Gerri Gunn, Pam Edwards, Roger Born, Walt Meagher, Lin Folsom, Bill Short, Wendy Gray, Brandy Britton, Barb & Tom Stockton, Mellie Kennedy and if I'm forgetting someone...a special thanks to them!!!! Notice how many are new members...and how much fun they're having!!! You too can join in...just sign the sheet at the bar.
And kudos to Andy and Steph for the rousing success of the racing program!!! And to my Wendy Gray for the pics of new members...and to the $3 night crew (tonite Myra McEwan, Bob Knowles & Carol & Mike Herbert...more new members!!!!)
Remember, as these folks have, it's an all volunteer club and our success depends on us...all of us!!
On another note, for your information, AYC has an account at Fisheries Supply in Seattle...if you can't get it in town here, you might try them..Acct #613089 for online or your AYC membership card at the store.
See you all tonight!!

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