Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super Summer Sailing

From the raging Pacific to the High Sierra here's the report: First I flew to San Diego to bring the Tanton 72 "Velos" to Anacortes for a fresh coat of paint and some other odds and ends. Tom Gilbert and Dave Martin of Grafix fame along with Dave's neighbor headed out into the whale pasture and turned North for A town. The trip was largely uneventful until Cape Mendocino featured 15-20 foot seas and 45kt wind reslting in the 2 and 3 ply main coming apart and actually forcing the boat backwards down a wave at one point, then an overheated engine and a run back to Pt. Richmond, California. Steph and the boys arrived with the Wild Rumpus on the trailer three days later and we headed to Santa Cruz, CA for a PHRF Championship Regatta. Unfortunately this was cancelled and we partcipated in the Alfred E Newman Regatta instead. AYC members Jim Bottles and Jason Huizenga were on the crew and we rattled off a string of bullets. AYC member Lori Gillmer provided shore patrol duty. Next up was Monterey Bay aquarium(don't miss this, PHENOMENAL) and a road trip to 7200 ft to Huntington Lake outside Fresno for the High Sierra Regatta and Sc 27's Nationals. I did RC flag duty for the Lidos and watched Orsisnis and Johns battle all over the lake often finishing overlapped after several miles of racing. (42 boats in all ) 12 SC 27's attended and former AYC commodore Chuck Tidrington and crew won the the 4th of 6 races. The Rumpians finished 3rd in High Sierra and 2nd in the Nationals with Steph driving, Andy pulling strings, and AYC member Marcy Shapely holding down the foredeck. Next up is 'Round Shaw Island then Hood River for the notorious "Double Damned"

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