Sunday, October 31, 2010

Round and Round we go!

Just 4 sleeps left to the 'Round the County party @ AYC. This race is hosted by OIYC but many boats start out of Anacortes early Saturday morning (8:40 start off Lydia Shoal). This is a great opportunity to showcase our club and spread the word about Tulip, Windermere and the Northern Century regattas. Each of these regattas makes a boatload of $$$ for AYC. Friday night features Gere a Deli lasagna (meaty and veggie)the J. Charles band, and cheap beer. Doors open 1730, dinner 1800, band starts @1900.
The Round the County fleet is limited to the first 60 boats and contains 75 this year. Betsy just can't say no! Multihulls, big boats, and even a punky SC-27, this fleet has it all. Goto for all the details. Lot's of cool pictures too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

US Sailing and you!

Tonight @ AYC T.K. Wegg the area US Sailing representative will be informing us as to what is up with US Sailing. This organization formed out of the former USYRU (US yacht racing union). It covers all aspects of sailing with chairman and commitees covering: Olympic sailing, chartering, sailing schools, offshore sailing, safety, racing, rules, cruising, and a host of other topics. T.K. regularly travels to meetings all over the country to represent the PNW. You will have a chance to ask questions and rub elbows with other yachty types, what could be more fun?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's up @ AYC?

Elections are right around the corner, plans are being made for next year's social, racing and cruising calendars. If you are reading this you are likely a member of AYC. It's been stated regarding club's like ours, "You are not a customer, you're a member, act like one, if you think something should change for the benefit of all AYC members join in and get'er done!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gran Prix and AYC

Each fall the Seattle Yacht club hosts the Gran Prix regatta. It is a three day event and in order to get invited you are required to have placed in the top three in a major event, around here it's Windermere or PITCH.
This past weekend in winds from 3-30 kts, courses from 3 miles to 30 miles, with masts breaking, sails shredding and boats capsizing(don't ask me how I know......), Teddy Bear skippered by Gray Hawken and Grafix skippered by Dave Martin, both with a passel of AYC sailors on board, male and female, placed second in their respective divisions.
This weekend was a true test of sailors skills aggression and patience, sails and currents, starts and finishes, it was all there. Teddy Bear kept launching her heavy air kite on the downwind legs of tight buoy courses and surfing regularly into the teens with boats in tight quarters broaching and spinning on either beam. Grafix sailors packed the rail and battled upwind constantly powering and de-powering as squalls rolled through.
Congratulations to these two fine boats and their crews.
PS Grafix is for sale!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Last saturday night AYC crowned the victors at the annual awards banquet. Following a beautiful sail around the permanent marks with nearly 20 competitors being pelted by candy and silly string by the Race Commitee in what may have been the last voyage of our illustrious chase boat the sailors retired to the clubhouse. Family and friends in attendance filled the club to overflowing and Walt Meagher and crew served up a boatload of terrific food. Jerry and Bill (more on these two later) kept up at the bar and Stephanie produced a slideshow of the year in review from pictures provided by the sailors in our fleet. (soon to be available for download on this very website). Each year we award a "Yacht of the Year" trophy to the top scoring boat in A,B, and C divisions.
Remember those two bartenders?

Jerry Vanderveen/Walt Meagher and the crew of the Syndicat achieved a first ever three peat in the AYC by winning C fleet. By the way this boat has two outstanding ownership shares outstanding,(I meant to say that twice) what a fantastic way to get into racing without spending a yacht of dough....

Bill Bowman and his F-28 trimaran Kinetic Ki won A fleet. Bill is a terrific skipper and will often take a newby or someone who has never sailed a tri out for a sail. For a good time call "Wild Bill"!This shows how a fleet of boats of wildly varying designs from Mikey @ 24 feet to ICON @ 66 feet on courses from around the buoys to around Smith Island; in light and heavy winds can compete equitably under the PHRF handicap.

And then there was B fleet...

Team Celebration with that crazy Snoopy spinnaker crushed all those wacky colored SC-27's and all other competitors. Capt. Jim and first mate Staci showed the way all season and judging by the volume level on a typical Wednesday night race, had a ton of fun in the process.

We sold a total of 42 race packets and only canceled one race all season. We hosted three major regattas: Tulip, Windermere, and Northern Century. We gained several new memebers in the process and more are on the way. A huge thank you to all that helped out. From setting the permanent marks, filling out USCG permits, buying chase boat gas, starting and finishing races, scoring, registration, T-shirt sales, ordering trophies, horse collaring sponsors, lining up entertainment, vacuuming, taking out trash, filling propane tanks, setting marks, providing RC boats, helping out with the junior program, picking up catering, keeping the website up to date, distributing posters, sending out letters, the list goes on and on it takes the whole fleet helping to make it happen.

Thanks again to all that pitched in to make the 2010 AYC racing season fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Party like a rock star

Come to the club and laud the winners! Doors open @ 1700, Slide show @ 1800, dinner @ 1900. Chef Walt Meagher has emptied the freezer, flank steak, burgers, tube steaks, veggie patties, you name it! (Also ,salads and dessert) Champagne for every boat and RC volunteer. Yacht of the Year tropnies. Come on out for the first big soiree of the fall holiday season.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are the Champions!

Well not exactly, but it makes for a good headline....AYC sent two boats to Seattle this past weekend to compete in the Puget Sound Sailing Championships. Teddy Bear a Davidson 40 skippered by Gray Hawken and Grafix (for sale) a Soverel 33 skippered by Dave Martin. Both boats finished third in their divisions. PSSC featured 8 buoy races in light and shifty winds off the Richmond Beach neighborhood North of Seattle. Many AYC faces were spotted around the Corinthian Yacht Club's awards ceremony including Andy and Stephanie that parked the Rumpus for the weekend and sailed with prospective AYC member (paperwork snafu) Scott Lindberg aboard the Hotfoot 27 Egress to first place in P8 division. Just two short weeks to the Big Daddy of'em all the Seattle Yacht Club's Gran Prix regatta of which our very own Windermere Regatta is a qualifier. Best of luck to all AYC sailors!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Northern Century Press...

In case you haven't seen it, the AYC Northern Century received some great press in the October Issue of the 48 Degrees North Magazine, in case you missed this event or the magazine, here is a reprint of the article featuring many local boats:

48 North N100 Article

Monday, October 04, 2010

Last Chance to Dance!

October 16th is the official last chance to race this year at AYC! All kinds of fun is planned, so you can finish the year in style.

We will circumnavigate the permanent marks (noon-ish, I think!), any order or direction you want to go! It's Oktoberfest! have a beer!

Bar open at 5:00, Super fantastic AYC 2010 Slideshow at 6:00. Every boat is in it, great tunes, don't miss it!

Dinner and trophies at 7:00. There is a trophy for EVERY BOAT that raced this year, and the theme of this year's trophies is Champagne!

See you there!