Monday, October 25, 2010

Gran Prix and AYC

Each fall the Seattle Yacht club hosts the Gran Prix regatta. It is a three day event and in order to get invited you are required to have placed in the top three in a major event, around here it's Windermere or PITCH.
This past weekend in winds from 3-30 kts, courses from 3 miles to 30 miles, with masts breaking, sails shredding and boats capsizing(don't ask me how I know......), Teddy Bear skippered by Gray Hawken and Grafix skippered by Dave Martin, both with a passel of AYC sailors on board, male and female, placed second in their respective divisions.
This weekend was a true test of sailors skills aggression and patience, sails and currents, starts and finishes, it was all there. Teddy Bear kept launching her heavy air kite on the downwind legs of tight buoy courses and surfing regularly into the teens with boats in tight quarters broaching and spinning on either beam. Grafix sailors packed the rail and battled upwind constantly powering and de-powering as squalls rolled through.
Congratulations to these two fine boats and their crews.
PS Grafix is for sale!

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