Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shaw Island Winter Classic - Feb 20, 2011

For those of you dreaming about sailing we thought we would pass on the news that the 2011 running of the Shaw Island Winter Classic is scheduled for Sunday, February 20, 2011.  Here is some video from our very own Jah Mon in last years event.  So if you are bored of winter sports yet, give this event a try.  You can get more information on the Orcas Island Yacht Club website...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and THANK YOU!!!!!

It 's winding down on what has been a marvelous year at AYC....and as your 'exiting Rear and coming Vice' I want to THANK all of you volunteers that have helped make it such a marvelous year!!! First, kudos to the Board Members and to the various committee chairs. You'll get yours at the Commodore's Ball. But I want to particularly recognize and thank the 48 of you (yes, FORTY EIGHT!!) who've served you and us at the Bar!!!!! You know who you are but for the rest of you....thank you,
Roger Born
Bill Bowman
Brandy Britton
Phil & Madelyn Case (thanks Vice!)
Terry Dorn
Kay Dow
Nancy Drake
Karle & Bev Dresen
Pam Edwards
Nancie Elliott
Maury & Helene Fink
Lin Folsom
Dale Fowler
Wendy Gray & Mac
John & Gerri Gunn
Steve Hayes & Liz Merriman
Jerry & Jan Hemme
Mike & Carol Herbert
Kim Kelley & Jerry Vanderveen
Sean Kelly & Jan Chapman (those long nights awaiting an America's Cup Race in Valencia!)
Ed & Mellie Kennedy (even the Commodore steps up!)
Marv Klinger
Dave Malsed
Walt Meagher
Jim Owen & Carolyn Comstock
Dick Redmond
Keith Rubin
Ronald Sawchenko
Bill Short
Tom & Barb Stockton
Christy Sundholm
Dave & Karen Thomson
Warren Walz
TK Wegg
There must be others, and if I've forgotten anyone, my sincerest apologies. We all THANK YOU very much!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2011 Van Isle 360 Registration Open...

For those of you that have heard of this event and have wanted to participate, now is your chance! The 2011 running of the van Isle 360 is now open for registration.

In case you haven't heard about the event, the Van Isle 360 is a biennial, 580 nm. point to point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, B.C. Sailed in ten legs the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight legs through some of the world's most challenging and beautiful waters.

In the last running of this event boats from our club did very well (Night Runner - 1st Division 2; and Icon - 2nd Division 1) and we expect similar results in 2011 against the best of the best in the Northwest.  This event is typically limited to forty (40) boats, so if you would like to participate you will need to turn in your application ASAP.

Here are the documents that you will need:

Night Runner - Winner Division 2 - 2009 Van Isle 360