Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hawaiian Punch

Mark your calendars for Feb 18 1900hrs @AYC. Come help Pirate Camp Queen Stephanie Schwenk celebrate her birthday. Of course regular social hours start @ 1730, then AYC will take on a tropical twist. Karaoke is planned and everyone is encouraged to bring thier favorite pu-pu platter. Jerry, Bill B, and Ed have volunteered to hold down the bar, of course if you have your ticket and would like to help please do. All are welcome. Likely there will be some Bellinghamsters in the house as the OIYC Shaw Winter Classic starts Saturday. There will be a potluck @ Wareham's cabin at the top of the dock in West Sound following the race, we can likely send a detachment of revelers to the awards ceremony to bring home the goods. This is a terrific race and really cool pottery trophies, hey the football season will be over by then, why not go for a sail? Watch for swimmers in Wasp Passage still wearing tropical birthday garb.....

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