Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wet n chilly

AYC represented in another test of sailing prowess! Saturday the 21st was the OIYC annual Winter Shaw. Many a sailor was feeling a little rough Saturday morning after helping the pirate queen Steph celebrate another year of life on Earth. Thanks to all that came Friday night and especially our illustrious bartenders! Oh yeah sailing; well it was windy Saturday morning and Colin E who is wiser than he looks pulled the plug before the first wave broke over the bow. I can tell you this; it is incredible how wet and cold saltwater can be without freezing. Most boats left around 0700 and by 0800 it was blowing over 40kts and the seas were building in Rosario Strait. The admirals were aboard the state ferries as the delivery crews battled to make a 1100 start off Orcas ferry dock. Some were successful, some were not, Syndicat blew out a jib, Rumpus was completely underwater twice, and Passepartout opted for a fire place and likely red wine.....Jah mon was of course busy planning their daily blue plate special and playing cribbage with a crew of 1000's.Upon arrival in Orcas bilges were pumped and crews arriving by ferry quickly hopped aboard any boat floating that made the start line. The start was in a building Westerly and at the corner entering Upright Channel the fleet looked like turn 4 @ the Daytona 500 complete with broken spinnaker poles, out of control broaches, and lots of prime photo ops! The race was won and lost as boats jockeyed for position on the reach/run/beat South. The wind filled in solid from the West in front of Friday Harbor with 20 kts on the nose. Soon sheets were eased and the fleet started the epic battle in Wasp Passage. The smaller boats were able to tack and or gybe as needed the larger boats battled an adverse current using any trick they could. A sunshine happy reach to the finish and then the obligatory woulda, coulda , shouldas......AYC brought home hardware in each div. : fast boats Crazy Ivan 2nd place, slow boats Hassenfeffer 3rd, Sc-27's that blonde birthday girl Stephanie 2nd place. Also Jahmon 6th in fast boats and Emoyeni 5th in slow boats. Foulweather race Saturday, let's have some mo fun!

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